Wednesday, July 16, 2014

One way or another I'm gonna find ya/ I'm gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha

The title is the lyrics to a song by Blondie. Several other artists have recorded it, also. In the song, I believe the singer's intention is to find a particular person and 'catch' them doing something.

I chose the title for a very different reason. This is Kalisha's thought process when she zeroes in on a person she desperately wants for a friend.
She is like one of those little red lasers and it is pointed at a particular person. It has been a bone of contention at our house many times in the past and it probably will be in the future. No amount of talking, discussing, explaining or threatening can unlock her laser beam mentality once it is set.

I am giving away a copy of the book I wrote about 30 years of living with Kalisha.
If you already have a copy, win one for a friend or acquaintance. If you don't have a copy, leave a comment on this blog site (not on FB) and I will randomly select a winner on Monday, July 21st. I will contact you via e-mail and send your copy in the mail.
The friend obsession and MANY other topics are in the book. I think you will enjoy it.

Several months ago, Kalisha found a young woman on the bus and decided she would be her next 'friend conquest.' She has known this person for a long time, but for some unknown reason, has just recently determined to make her into a friend.
She begins by contacting her and messaging her on FaceBook. She gets her cell phone number and calls (only at designated times; she understands boundaries). She invites her to go places and although disappointed when it doesn't happen, she won't give up.
We discuss the fact Kalisha wants this person to be her friend a WHOLE LOT MORE than she wants to be Kalisha's friend.

Kalisha does understand that. She will even repeat it, but she can't quite convince herself of it.

Don't feel sorry for Kalisha; she has a lot of friends. However, there is always that ONE that she must conquer. Does she sound like a stalker? A little bit. She invited this new person to a baseball game; even bought the tickets and I was going to be the transportation both ways. The day before the game, the friend cancelled for a flimsy reason. I was furious with the friend, but I could have predicted that happening.
Kalisha was sad for a while and extremely disappointed, but the minute the friend suggested meeting at a concert, all was forgotten and forgiven.

Kalisha has come a long way, believe it or not. When the FRIEND couldn't go to the baseball game, she called another friend and they had a good time together. In the past, she might have refused to go with anyone else or been a 'sad sack' all during the ballgame.
 There have been times in the past when she was obsessed with a CAPITAL "O" and the obsession ruled her every waking moment. She wouldn't attend any other events or volunteer or anything else. Her entire world revolved around the selected person. She has matured 98% from those days. She goes to her obligations and talks with other friends, but this 'friend' is always in the back of her mind.
I will let it play out as long as she isn't in danger and pray it will be a legitimate friendship. Sometimes, once the friendship is solidified, the obsession is gone.
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  1. If I comment, maybe others will, also

  2. Anonymous10:39 AM EDT

    I am trying this out. Loved your book. Enjoy reading all of your posts. My cousin Tim says I should write a book as well.

    Hope to meet you someday


  3. Glenna Snyder11:41 AM EDT

    At the very least, Kalisha is tenacious! I hope this friend works out for her.

  4. Marti, I am elated to see the comment section worked again. YAY And I'm happy to know you enjoy the posts. I'm sure we will meet some time.

  5. Glenna, I love her BC. They have been together for 5 years. She knows Kalisha as well as I do, almost. When she was pregnant with her second baby, Kalisha texted her about something. She talked for a while, then said, Kalisha, they are taking me to the delivery room now. I will have to go. She is from Whitley Co. originally.

  6. Hi Gloria.....I thought I would try and see if your comments really are working. I have the book and loved it, so I don't need to be included in your drawing.

    If you have a few minutes, please drop by my blog. It's pretty strictly about birds or for the birds--at least the birds do most of the talking. It's a fun way of sharing some of the photography I enjoy.

    God bless your day.....Janice



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