Friday, June 14, 2013

Job Search

I have been debating (with myself) what I should write about. There are many untold Kalisha stories, but usually the humorous ones or the frightening tales are what I focus on. After all, if it weren't for her peculiar habits and quirks and stubbornness and getting herself into ridiculous situations, this would be a pretty boring blog.

Occasionally, I could use a little 'boring' in regards to Kalisha. However, just about the time I think I can let my guard down, she catapults me into another 'situation.'

She has been doing her volunteer jobs very religiously. She goes to a large community 'sharehouse' on Tuesdays. She and her staff person work for 3 hours, sorting, packaging, etc.  On Wednesday mornings, she volunteers at a church food bank. On Friday mornings, she goes to cooking class. Those are her commitments. That is a very prominent word in Kalisha's vocabulary.

She enjoys all of those activities, but if I told her tomorrow, she would never have to go again, she would be okay with it. Maybe even better than okay. Probably happy.
That's why the YOU HAVE TO KEEP YOUR COMMITMENTS RULE is in place. If she doesn't, there is a consequence: she loses her phone and computer for 24 hours. Torture for Kalisha.

This commitment thing was also designed to help her when she gets a job, if she does, ever. She always thinks she wants one but her track record at keeping one has not been so good. In her defense, she had a really lousy job coach from one agency and she has never been fired; just decides she doesn't want to go any more.

She really wants a job right now. She has been telling her behavioral consultant and me how she has matured and how she has been keeping her commitments, etc. We have been trying to dissuade her from applying everywhere, because at the moment, she doesn't have a job coach and I'm fairly certain no employer will hire her without one.

She continues to fill out applications and turn them in or fax them or whatever she needs to do. So far, she is not depressed or discouraged when they don't call. She realizes it is a long shot.

Part of this job finding frenzy at the moment is due to her neice and nephew having jobs (they live with us at the moment) and she wants to be like them.

I'm glad neither one of them decided to join the Army or she would take the bus to the recruiter's office.

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