Monday, March 25, 2013

You Did What?

Kalisha was talking about attending Disney On Ice which is coming to our town in the next few weeks. Hearing about it made me remember one of the funniest and strangest things that Kalisha has ever been part of. It is making me laugh just thinking about it.

First, I have to tell you Kalisha has an acquaintance named Mary (names have been changed to protect some people LOL). Mary loves to go to all kinds of things at the Coliseum: country concerts, circus, Disney On Ice, etc. She does not drive and likes Kalisha to accompany her because they are friends AND I will provide transportation.

The first time Kalisha went was quite an event. First, she came walking out with a T-shirt, a Woody cup, a bracelet and a few more items. When I dropped Mary off at her house, I asked Kalisha how much she spent. She wasn't sure, but she had the receipt. The total was $83.57. I was not a happy camper. She agreed to the fact we were going to call the company the next day and see if we could return some things. (I have to say I was very skeptical of having any luck, but they were extremely gracious and said if we shipped it back, they would refund the money...and they did!)

Back to my story: Kalisha was allowed to keep the shirt and one other thing. As she sat there, a little disconsolate about returning things, she said, "Well, the other thing I have to tell you is that all the skaters came past and shook my hand when the show was over."

I knew something was not right. Why would they do that? I cautiously asked, "Kalisha, your seats weren't close to the ice. How did they shake your hand?"

"Well, Mary didn't like our seats, so she asked an usher for a wheelchair and had me set in it. Then she told them I was blind and they let her push me into the handicapped seating area, as close as we could get. I guess somebody told the skaters I was blind and they all came past when the show was over."

I was speechless. If you know me at all, you know I am never speechless. I could just see it happening and I wanted to laugh until my sides hurt, but first, we discussed the fact that it was a lie and dishonest. She knew it was and I could tell she was feeling bad about the whole thing.

This all came back to me today when she said Mary wanted her to go with her to Disney On Ice. She immediately added, "Well, I won't ever let her put me in a wheelchair again."

I laugh every time I think of it or tell someone the story.


  1. Ann Marie7:54 AM EDT

    Oh my gosh! Every single time I read a blog post here, it always makes me smile, giggle, or laugh. This time, I had to put my hand over my mouth to keep a naughty (but funny) word from coming out. The things Kalisha gets herself talked into are just hilarious., I know they are often wrong, but still...

  2. Love this post. And that Kalisha is okay with her life being an open book. (When I first started writing my blog, Jim always told people that he now sees everything he does from the viewpoint of how it will sound when I write about it on the blog. He's not sorry that I don't write as much any more. Big surprise. : )



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