Monday, May 2, 2016

Right Now...Famous Words

Kalisha has inherited my "let's git 'er done" philosophy on life in general (although I was separated for 4 years before finally getting a divorce...go figure).
This does not always work in her favor, although sometimes, it does. I could ramble on here for many paragraphs but I will just list some of her latest impatient actions.

She wanted to have an answer to a 'phone' question. I told her I would take her to Verizon the next day. Not soon enough for her. She got on the city bus and went to Verizon. That isn't a bad thing except I didn't know she went and because of the location of the Verizon store, she had to walk across almost the entire parking lot at Glenbrook Mall. (Have you seen the way people drive in that parking lot?) Yowsers.

She filled out her Parkview Field availability work sheet for May and immediately sent it back. No discussing the dates or my availability to pick her up.

She asked if she should sell her Hello Kitty shoes since they were barely worn and she didn't want them any longer. I told her it was okay. I thought she meant e-bay or Craigslist. The next time I was online, there were her shoes. She found an app called 'Let It Go' and promptly listed them.

I opened my FB page and saw a video of Kalisha talking to the people who were commenting to her. Then I saw my dining room flash before my eyes. What the hell? That is sort of what I asked. She said "Oh that's an app I found called FaceBook Time." Really? It would be nice if she would warn me. Occasionally, I make a mad dash from my bedroom upstairs to the dryer in the basement, wearing only the essentials. And we all know, once in a while I say a few words I shouldn't.

She wanted to participate in 'Clean-Up Day' in Ft. Wayne last year but was too late in volunteering. That wasn't going to happen this year, evidently. She already signed up. I didn't even know when it was scheduled.

She is constantly telling me things after the fact. I know you are all thinking that she will be living on her own soon and she needs to make decisions by herself. While that's true, she might want to think about it for just a minute before volunteering or proceeding.

She informed me that the COLTS were looking for volunteers to work at their training camp in August at Anderson College. (We have gone to that for a day a few times) I guess we will be going again because she off-handedly informed me the other night that she was volunteering this summer. I said, "Don't you have to contact someone to find out all the details?"
"Oh, I already did. They are sending me the paperwork to fill out."

Of course they are.

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