Saturday, February 6, 2016

Another Birthday...Oh My

Today is Kalisha's 32nd birthday. Yikes. I find that hard to believe but the numbers don't lie, so I guess it is true. She approaches birthdays in her own unique way. She invariably wants a party and thinks of various ways to make that happen.
This year, I first knew she was planning one when I saw the invitation on Facebook.

"Ka li shaaaaaa, what does this invitation mean? When and where are you having this party?"
As she comes down the stairs, "On my birthday and we can have it here."
Me, sighing..."Geez, Kalisha, do you think we might have talked about this first?"
"I'll take care of it, Mom. I will make all the plans and buy the stuff, okay? It's my job."
Me: "Okay. This is your baby. I am not going to do anything. I might vacuum but that's it. If you already made plans, go for it." (What was I saying????)
She changed the date 3 times because the one person she REALLY wanted to come was not available several of the first choices. We did talk about the problems with that and trying to please every one. I suggested she choose a date and stick to it, no matter who could or couldn't attend. Okay, she agreed.

She did really well. She bought the ice cream, soda, and some candy for the treat bags. Speaking of treat bags, I did talk her out of the huge brown paper lunch bags. She would have to buy a bushel basket of candy to fill them. She is using regular party treat bags. She is going to order pizza delivered for the food and she bought a cake mix and frosting, that SHE is going to make.

THEN...(did you think she was done with her plans? au contraire.) she sent me an email. In case you don't know, we live in the same house. She wanted a 'package deal' the local Minor League Baseball team was offering for Valentine's day. It consisted of having the mascot arrive at our house, delivering balloons, card, cake and 2 tickets to the first game of the season. I told her I would split the cost of that with her for her birthday gift, but it wouldn't be on her birthday because it was a Valentine's promotion. She told me she would call and ask them to deliver it on her party day and make it a birthday promotion.
Me: "Kalisha, they are going to be very busy for Valentine's Day. I don't think they are going to change days and celebrations for you."
Kalisha, about 30 minutes later: "Hey, Mom, I called and they said they would come on Monday instead and make it a birthday thing."
I'm pretty sure she missed her calling. I've said it before; she should be a negotiator of some kind.

So, let's recap. She has 5 friends coming. They will have pizza and pop. They are going to play UNO or Sorry, (her choices) 'Johnny' of the baseball team is showing up in my living room and bringing all kinds of stuff with him, they are going to eat cake and ice cream.

Perhaps I will go to the local tavern and have a drink while this is happening; that way I won't be tempted to jump in and "fix" something.

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