Saturday, September 19, 2015

New Material

I realize I haven't posted to this blog for nearly 3 months. It has been a busy summer, among other reasons. I have many new stories to share with you; involving Kalisha, the romance novels I'm writing, a party and drinking Jello shots, having teeth removed, plans moving forward to move out, hooking up the new cable box and some unfiltered phrases she used, but today, I will tell you about the most recent because I might forget. (What?? No, not me.)
It just so happens that I had a 'date' with a gentleman for coffee last week and I am going to dinner with him on Friday. This is new territory for Kalisha and she is quite funny.
She always sees her boyfriend, Daniel, on Fridays at cooking class and once a month, they go on a date. She was thrilled that she and I would both be 'going out' this Friday.
Then she asked if my friend was my boyfriend. I told her, "No. You have to see someone more than once or twice, to call them your boyfriend." (I understand the term BOYfriend may not be correct, either way, but she identified with it.)
Yesterday, we went shopping at the mall for a short time. She wanted to go, so while we were there, I looked for a new top to go with a black skirt I have.
Our shopping conversation:
Me: I'm going to look in my closet first because I don't see anything I like. But if I come back, I'll make sure you come with me because I need your...
K: opinion.
Me: Yes, that's correct. (I realize I'm taking fashion opinions from a person who only wears Colts and Tincaps shirts, but believe it or not, she is very good at saying the truthful opinion about my clothing choices.)
Me: I don't see anything that looks like something I would wear. They all look like night shirts I would wear to bed."
K: Are you planning on going to bed?
Me: What?!? No. That also takes more than coffee and a few hours of conversation.
K: Oh, okay.

This will be a great adventure, I can tell. Stay tuned.

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