Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New Phone

I know you have read a dozen posts about Kalisha and her phones; good and bad. She is doing so much better.
She started talking about a new phone a month ago; just mentioning she would like to have one, not insisting. The rule for any major purchase is she has to wait for 30 days before buying something.
Her sister got a new Samsung and said she definitely liked it. Now there was one Kalisha could get her hands on and she did. She liked the larger size, the 'feel' of it, all the things it could do (I thought her I-phone 5C did everything but wash dishes).
I reminded her she did not have the money to purchase one and since we are no longer Verizon customers, there was no upgrade available.
Wellll, the same sister told her about a Verizon plan that has no contract but you pay for your phone over a period of time with rebates on your bill each month...yada-yada.
You know, Kalisha was all over that like flies on well, you know.
She spoke to someone on the phone at Verizon, asked a gazillion questions and with my permission, did indeed order the new phone.
First, she had to wait for it to be delivered. In the meantime, she failed to keep a commitment which is an automatic consequence of "lose phone and computer for 24 hours."
In that 24 hours, she did get on her computer to renew library books and check FB and being Kalisha, immediately told on herself. Okay, now the consequence is you can't have your new phone activated until Monday. Do you know how hard it was to have the phone in her possession and not get calls on it?
When it arrived, it was partially activated: she could call out but could not receive calls. Then came the power outage and I couldn't raise the garage door so she would have had to wait until Monday anyway.
Monday arrived, she got on the bus and went to Verizon. I offered to take her, but she was going to do this herself. Ok.
The young man there told her she would have to call her current carrier to get her account number (that's another story for another day) and then it would be totally activated. She came home, made several calls, and finally was told it would take 24 hours to all be switched over.
Soooooo, my used-to-be impatient daughter has made it through waiting over a week from the purchase to being totally done. No meltdowns, no CONSTANT talking about it, no grumpiness...I would say that is big-time progress, wouldn't you?

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