Tuesday, December 2, 2014

So...basically, I'm lying to America.

To say Kalisha doesn't always 'think things through' is an understatement. She is often a shoot from the hip kind of girl. Today's post is about yesterday, when she definitely gave me no warning of her actions.
In the morning, Kalisha's BC, (behavior consultant,) was here and we discussed what and how much, she could spend on Wednesday, when her check was deposited to her checking account.
At 11:00, my friend, Patti, came for a visit. Around noon, I called Kalisha to come have lunch with us. Following, is the conversation for the next 20 minutes.

Kalisha: "I can't eat right now because a reporter from Channel 15 is coming to interview me."

Me: "Really? What for?"   ( I was hoping they were finally going to interview her about the book I wrote about her.)

Kalisha: "About shopping on Cyber Monday."

Me: "How did she find you?"

Kalisha: "Well, she is my friend on FB and she asked if anyone who was shopping online today would want to be interviewed and I said I would."

Me: "When are they coming?"

K: "She said they would be here in 5 minutes."

Me: "What!? 5 minutes? You should have had a shower and washed your hair, don'tcha think? Besides, you aren't shopping today. Remember, you can't shop until Wednesday."

Patti: "If you say you are shopping today and you aren't, that's a lie, right?"

K: "So, basically, you are saying I am lying to America."

Patti and me: "Yep. That's about it. Why don't you text her and tell her not to come?"

K: "She's probably on her way."

(Here is where Kalisha's desire to be on TV overtook her always honest personality.)

Me: "Okay, but you have to be interviewed on the front porch (enclosed) or outside; not in here."

K: "Why not inside? I thought you liked our house."

Me: "I love our house, but would prefer to have a bit of notice before having a TV camera inside."

Patti: (trying to convince her) "Besides, if people see some things in your house, they might decide to find your house and steal something"

Me: "Okay, I know you don't ever want to lie, so as soon as they are gone, transfer some money to your checking account and buy the things you were going to buy on Wednesday."

Okay, they came, interviewed her (I did not go out; this was her 'deal') and she came in and ate lunch. She transferred the money and bought the items she wanted. We waited...Kalisha, excitedly, and me, with a bit of trepidation...for the 6pm news. There she was, on the front steps.

Later, I asked, "Did they ask to come inside?"
Kalisha: "Yeah, but I told them my mom was afraid someone would steal our furniture."  Oh good grief

*If you knew how old our furniture is, you would find that especially hilarious.
I am going to e-mail that sweet reporter today and try to explain.


  1. LOL!!!! this made my morning. thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for replying. I apologize if you get this msg. 3 times. I changed the settings on my comments so it is appearing several times.

  2. What a great story! It made me smile from ear to ear.

    1. Pam, Thanks for the comment. I changed the settings on my 'comments' so I apologize if you get this message three times.

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