Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Easy For You....

As you know, Kalisha is a bit stuck in 'Hello Kitty' mode. She desperately wanted a fleece, tie blanket with Hello Kitty on it. Each time we entered a fabric store, she looked at every bolt of Hello Kitty fleece.
I tried my best to talk her out of it; "You have 2 Colts blankets" "How many blankets can you put on your bed?" "Christmas is coming" "The fleece with a name is more expensive." It was to no avail.
Last week, she told me the fleece she wanted was on sale for $5.99 a yard and the plain color for the underside was even less. She knew that because she was sent a notice on her phone, of course. She purchased the 2 yards of Hello Kitty and 2 yards of plain pink.
I didn't have time to cut and tie right away. She kept insisting she would tie it. I really did not think her fine motor skills were good enough to tie the edges.
So, we started.....I cut the corners out and tied 4 cuts on each side of a corner. Then I made 5 cuts and tried to show her how to tie them. She just couldn't get the hang of it. Finally, I told her to get her shoe and untie the laces. Then I asked her to tie them. She could do that, so I asked her to tie the strips just like the laces. She kept wanting to make the bow part of shoelaces.
After several attempts, she could do the strips correctly; not exactly the way I do them but the end result was the same. Woo-hoo.
I stopped cutting for a while and when she needed to start again, she had to get her shoe to help her realize how it worked. Soon she was tying faster than I was cutting.
I told her she was done with 2 sides and she could finish tomorrow, but I forgot for a minute this was Kalisha I was talking to. The person whose motto is, "If it's started, let's git 'er done." (That only applies to things she wants done, of course.)
She stuck with it and of course, she finished it.

I was so very proud of her. At the same time, it makes me a little sad; not for her, but for how often I tend to forget just how difficult some things are for her. When I was trying to help her get her fingers in the right places, it seemed so simple to me; but my fingers work fine.
How frustrating it must be to not have your fingers do what you want them to.
I am surprised she is as calm about not 'getting it' right away, as she is. I would be throwing things, I think.
Kalisha is aware and accepting of her limitations, but it is still a very hard thing in her life.


  1. It looks so nice. She must be so proud of her accomplishment.

    1. It does look nice and she is enjoying having it on her bed. But you know, Janice, that was yesterday's 'thing.' :)

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  3. I looks like she did a beautiful job! This just shows how much we take for granted, doesn't it. I get frustrated when I struggle to do some things. I need to take a lesson on patience from Kalisha. She has much to teach us.

    1. Pam, you are so right. I tried to learn how to crochet a long time ago. I never mastered it. I couldn't get my needle, fingers and yarn to do what I wanted. Perhaps God grants a greater portion of patience to those who struggle, like Kalisha.



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