Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hello Kitty...chapter 2

I realize I have written about Kalisha's new fascination with Hello Kitty before, but I thought it might run its course. Silly me; what was I thinking?
She has definitely not given up her Colts love; she has branched out. I suppose it is a 'growth' thing to have more than one obsession. I would never have thought Hello Kitty would be the choice. She didn't even look at HK when she was a little girl. All that really doesn't matter because this is now and Hello Kitty is the 'thing.'

She attended a Halloween party as HK. She asked if she could buy the wig for it. I agreed. Little did I know it was a child's wig. Some times, I don't think too far ahead. Of course, it was a child's wig. Getting it to stay on her head was a trick, but we persevered and here she is.
She also decided to hedge her bets for Christmas. She typed a list of items she wanted, printed them off (obviously from the size of the font, she thinks all relatives are nearly blind) and sent a copy to all siblings and her father. I helped her with addresses and put the stamps on. Am I enabling her? Of course, I am; but I think it's only fair this obsession be spread around to other people besides me. Right? Okay, don't answer that.


Kalisha is on a mission to obtain all things Hello Kitty. Her budget does not allow that, but that fact doesn't keep her from talking about it.
I have given up on the idea Hello Kitty is for children. If that were true, would they make t-shirts in size 2X with Hello Kitty on them? I think not. Kalisha does remind me of that fact occasionally.

Today, in the mail, she received a newspaper clipping from the local newspaper, sent to her by my cousin and good friend, Mary.

According to this, I guess Kalisha is not the only Hello Kitty groupie. I should be happy; there are a lot worse things she could be addicted to, me thinks.


  1. Wasn't it CS Lewis who said the best children's things are too good for children? i have one Hello Kitty item, a boombox which i bought myself when my kids were in elementary. go Kalisha!
    My husband says something about giving up childish things, including a preoccupation with being thought childish. Love it.

  2. Valerie, thank you for the comment. I agree with you. We are all children in some areas, aren't we? That keeps us young.



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