Tuesday, August 6, 2013

When Momma ain't happy..........

You all know that phrase: "When Momma ain't happy; ain't nobody happy."   If you were living at my house yesterday, you could have seen that phrase acted out in full living color....with audio. Maybe we should hit 'mute' on the audio portion.
I was one 'pissed pup' or mom or parent or advocate or any of the terms you want to fill in there and I was beyond angry at Kalisha. She knew she was in trouble because the minute she came in the door (before I had a clue what she had been up to) she was talking about how she needed to return items. That's a big clue to the fact that she has just purchased things she knows I will be upset about and she will have to return them.

Kalisha has been in "Tincaps (a minor league baseball team in out town) Mode" for most of the summer. She has been to several games, saves the plastic cup from her drink, washes it and uses it for something at home. She has purchased a head band,
4 t-shirts and a sweatshirt at the team store AND she won the pitcher's team jersey at one game. (You can read about that story here: www.moms.fortwayne.com at the blog titled: Not Different Enough.)
That would seem to be enough of one team's shirts, to me. Not so, Kalisha. She becomes so wrapped up in one thing, so focused, that all common sense and reason go out the window.
She has to make a wish list before the first of each month describing the items she would like to purchase that month. Then we discuss it and which things are the most important to her and which ones she can afford. This month she wanted, among the usual DVDs, a Tincaps jersey; not a t-shirt, but a $69 jersey and a Johnny doll (he's the team mascot). I nixed the jersey, saying it was just too expensive and I vetoed the doll trying to convince her it would just gather dust on a shelf in her room.
I did concede to the red t-shirt.
She got on the bus on Monday to buy the red shirt. Once she is in the store, I have to have it hysteria takes over and she comes home with these.

The total for these 4 items was around $75. While I am yelling about that, she tells me they didn't have a jersey in her size at the store, so she ordered it online, PLUS she had the pitcher's # put on it, which only totaled $98. Damned I-phone. You don't have to wait until you get home and become rational again....no, just do it on your phone.

Okay, here's the deal. My rationality went right out the window and the 'you-know-what' hit the fan. She doesn't have that kind of money to spend and even if she had a million, it is still too much and too many shirts and jerseys and etc. etc. etc.

She immediately went back online and cancelled the jersey. Now she is taking everything else except the red shirt back. The deal was when she sold her I-pod, she could use those funds to buy the jersey. She, unfortunately thinks like so many other 'normal' people and is sure she will sell that I-pod, so she will just buy the jersey now. How many people do you know who buy a house or something contingent upon selling something else?? Yes, we are all guilty, so in that respect, she is like everyone else. At the same time, she disobeyed and the consequences are rolling in.
She cannot have her debit card for anything for a long time, she has to cancel her PayPal account, she gets a bit of cash each week; nothing more. I will keep her cash in a safe place and not in her checking account.
This is all a bit humorous today, but I can tell you in no uncertain terms it was not humorous yesterday and if you have any doubt about that, you can ask Kalisha.

Know anyone who wants a perfectly good I-pod? 16 Gigs

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