Wednesday, July 17, 2013

You'll have A Good Time

Kalisha isn't the kind of person or personality that jumps right into some new idea or activity. There is always a lot of trepidation; in this case a boatload of it (pun intended).
She had a chance to go on a group activity: a paddlewheel boat ride. At a lake not too far away, there is a historic replica of a Mississippi River paddlewheel boat called The Dixie. It is double-decker and only travels at 6 mph. around Lake Webster. The ride takes 1 hour and 15 minutes, approximately.
She thought about it and decided she was not going. I try not to force her to do something if she is dead set against it or has good reason not to; fear, failure, danger, etc. After all, I would probably dig my heels in and refuse to go ice skating or sky diving, no matter how many times I was told, "Oh, you will have a great time."

Her Behavioral Consultant and I tried to assuage any fears or apprehensions she might have.
"I don't want to wear a bathing suit."
You don't have to. You aren't going swimming.
"I don't like the smell of lake water."
The boat will be moving through the water and you aren't setting down by the water, like in a speedboat.
"It will be so hot. I don't like the heat."
She had us on this one. The forecast called for 90+ temps.
"Who is going?"
There will be about 20 of you and you know all of them.
Finally, under duress, she agreed.
As I said, I don't usually 'force' her to go, but I know Kalisha so well and she would have been kicking herself in the butt later, if she didn't go. I knew she would enjoy it AND SHE DID. She wasn't even sunburned.
She had a great time. I wish I could show you the picture of all of them with the Captain, but I don't have permission from parents and guardians so I can't. This picture is the top deck of The Dixie.

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