Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Ring, The Ring

As you know, Kalisha is in love with a young man. They see each other on the bus every day. She gets on usually just to see him when he is on his way home from work at ARC. So-o-o, in reality, they only get to talk for about 20 minutes, Monday through Friday.

She has called him one time at home, after she found his number through whitepages.com, but she doesn't want to upset his mother, so she only called once. She doesn't really know if it would upset her or not, but she is choosing to be cautious (yea, Kalisha).

He calls her his fiance and tells everyone on the bus that they are going to get married. Kalisha believes if you are going to be married, you should have an engagement ring.
So far, so good.......except he wasn't getting one for her. He said he wanted to, but didn't know how or when.

Kalisha to the rescue. She just went to the Wal-mart website on her phone and found one. She pulled up the picture for him to see. Yes, he liked it and the price of $30 was something he could afford. She told him to just go online and order it. (So simple to her, very foreign to him.) He told her he didn't know how to do that so she would have to do it.

 She came home and asked if I knew what size ring she wore.
"Why do you want to know?" I asked, although I was pretty sure I knew why. She told me the whole story. We talked about how it should be up to the man to order the ring, not the woman. She countered with the fact that he told her to order it and he would pay her back when it came to the store. Okay, I found a 'ring-sizer' I had, so she knew what size she needed.

Kalisha came downstairs a little later and told me she had ordered it and it was being shipped. I asked if they were going to get on the bus when it came to the store and go  pick it up.
"Well, Wal-mart wouldn't ship it to the store; they needed an address, so I had it shipped to his house."
My jaw dropped a little. My first thought was if Kalisha was worried about upsetting his mother by calling his house, I wondered how his mom would feel about having an engagement ring sent to her house. Kalisha promptly put a picture of it on FB. I told her I thought she should wait until he gave it to her before she did that. Too late.

She stewed about it all week-end.
 "What if he's mad at me for sending it to his house?"
"Do you think his mom will be mad about it?"
Finally, she wrote out what she was going to say to him on Monday. She decided to tell him that if he didn't want to give it to her, she would return it. If he wanted to keep it and give it to her in a few months, that would be okay, too.

When she came home on Monday, my first question was, "So, how did he take the news that a ring was going to be delivered to his house?"
"He was really excited and said he couldn't wait and his mom will be really excited, too."  (I hope excited is the correct word for how she will feel.)

In Kalisha's defense, she was between a rock and a hard place. He told her she would have to order it because he didn't know how, then W-M refused to send it to the store and she had to put in an address.

 **Perhaps Kalisha is on to something. If there are some ladies out there who can't get their significant other to propose, they should just order the ring and have it sent to his house. LOL

The ring won't get there until Friday, so once again...stay tuned. I will write the next chapter.


  1. Cecilia Marie Pulliam9:13 PM EST

    What an engagement story! Do they ever see each other on the weekend? How will all this work out when they are married? Will be interesting to see how this all plays out......

  2. doty78439:20 PM EST

    Well, I am just setting down to write the last chapter of this story and it is not quite as humorous as the others have been. :(



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