Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Snow Globe Saga

I promised I would try to entertain you with the tale of the 'Christmas in July' Snow Globe here you have it.
On July 21st, Parkview Field had a giveaway for the first 2000 people in the gates. Kalisha was scheduled to work that evening but called in to say she could not. She asked a friend who was going to attend the game to get a snow globe for her. She offered to trade a certain movie that she had (worth $20) for the globe.
 Everything was going well until the friend called to say she arrived late and there were no more snow globes. Oh my...Kalisha was now on a mission to find a globe. If you know Kalisha at all, you know it can be a daunting thing when she becomes obsessed about something.
She called everyone she knew who might possibly have attended that game...with no luck.
She sent texts, emails and Facebook messages, all to no avail. She could think of nothing else and therefore, neither could any of us who live with her think of anything else.
We attended a free concert at a local outdoor mall. She went to the restroom and ran into a woman she had not seen for several years. She asked the inevitable question: was she at the game a week ago? No, she wasn't but she knew a person who was in management at Parkview Field and she was willing to call her to see if there was a way for Kalisha to get one.
We also saw my cousin, his wife and their daughter and granddaughter. Kalisha lasered in on their bracelets that indicated they had been at Parkview Field. "Did you get snow globes?"
Them: "Yes, we did."
K: "Can I have one?"
Them: "No. but I work at Parkview Hospital and I will check to see if there is a way to get one for you."
K: "How soon will you do that?"
Them: "When I get back to work on Monday."
K: "You promise you'll call me on Monday and let me know?"
In the meantime, she has put a post on FB pleading with someone to let her buy the snow globe.
I told her to check e-bay. No luck. She called the VP of Operations at Parkview Field (he knows her and was kind but said they were all gone and were not for employees anyway.)
It is now 2 weeks later and she doesn't have the snow globe, despite posting every other day and asking every person she knows who attends games (she knows a LOT of people). The obsession is not waning but possibly intensifying because now it has become a Super-Obsession. HAVE TO HAVE IT
When she worked last evening, she asked some fans she knew as they came past her (she hands out programs) if they wanted to sell a snow globe.
While browsing through all the FB pictures of Tincaps' fans on the night of the giveaway, on the team's FB page, she ran across a picture of a woman with her globe on the table in front of her. Kalisha contacted her on FB and offered $20 for the globe. She met her this morning...
I realize I enable her and I really try to stop but after a while, it becomes a form of self-defense. I might even be known to pray about her finding one so I don't have to listen to the daily barrage of ideas about how to get one. She is tenacious...I'll give her that.
It is actually pretty cute but I guarantee it will remain in the box, on her shelf. The hunt is over...mission accomplished.

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