Friday, January 8, 2016

Chasing Little Debbie

I realize this post is going to make some readers scratch their heads and ask what is wrong with me. I get that a lot and I'm used to it, so it won't bother me at all.
Kalisha and I made a trip to Texas to visit another daughter and her family for two weeks before Christmas. Even though it shouldn't have, this seemed to throw our usual Christmas 'doings' out of whack. We missed the various activities we are usually involved in at that time of year: the lighting of a Santa display downtown, the lighting of a huge real Christmas tree adorned with 10,000 tiny lights and several others.

Being 'out of whack' is never a good thing when Kalisha is involved. She mourned the missing of those things for the first few days we were in Texas and her attitude was not stellar. She did, however, pull it back together and all was good.

When we returned home, it seemed like it was nearly time for Christmas. I didn't put up nearly as many decorations as I usually do, I baked only one kind of fudge...and we had not shopped for each other.

She couldn't think of one thing she wanted or needed. We all know her wardrobe is filled with Colts and Tincaps shirts, she only wears a select few jeans and sweat pants. Purchasing more is an effort in futility because she will take them back anyway. She was 'stuck' on Bath & Body products but she purchased all the kinds she wanted BEFORE Christmas.

Soooooo, we agreed we would not buy anything for each other this year. She did want ONE  thing...a box of a certain kind of Little Debbie bars. A new kind, made just for Christmas and unavailable in the city of Fort Wayne...almost.

Kalisha started calling groceries, pharmacies, big-box stores, anywhere that might carry Little Debbies. Can you imagine working a few days before Christmas, being beyond busy and having someone call and ask you to check the shelves for a certain kind of cookie?

All totaled, she made 51 phone calls. A few of them said they had the kind she was looking for, but when she got there, it wasn't the right kind. She even checked E-bay. Someone was selling a box of them for $9.98 plus $9.95 shipping. These things only cost $1.19 to begin with. Now she was on a mission and was going to pay that price until I stopped her.

I explained that my time and gas was her Christmas present from me. I reiterated that in very clear term, so she understood. She accepted it. On Christmas Eve afternoon, we located one box at a store I have never been to in my life (and probably won't be in the near future.)
She had her box of Little Debbie bars, I had spent a half  tank of gas and several hours, total, and everyone was happy.
Do I enable her obsessions? Yeah, I guess. But when a $1.19 box of cookies is the ONLY thing she wanted......Merry Christmas

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