Thursday, December 11, 2014

The 'Grosey' List...What Aisle Is That In?

I wrote earlier on FB that I asked Kalisha to write a grocery list for me today. I would tell her the items and she could write them down, since I was busy working in the kitchen.
Kalisha is a voracious reader but she is a notoriously bad speller. I had a language consultant explain it to me a long time ago; she said Kalisha hears dominant sounds in each word and that is what she writes.  She has spelled her sister's name incorrectly for 25 years and probably always will. She spells KARI as KAIR. The K and the R are dominant sounds to her and she puts one in the front and one at the end.
This really doesn't bother me too much; I am very good at phonics and have had lots of practice figuring out the words she writes. I have had a lot of laughs over this too but today was the best.
I told her to abbreviate the words I was giving her and I would figure them out when we got to the store. I am certainly glad I tried deciphering it before we went or I might have been rolling around on the floor in one of the aisles.
We had the grosey list. As you can see, spinach was spinch and condensed milk was con milk (I added the 'd' so I would know what I was looking for), lettuce was letcuess, peppermint sticks were pempint stiks, balsamic vinegar was bals vin and evaporated milk was vaep milk.

The best one was 'man organ.'
Now I have to tell you, my first thought was, "I wonder what aisle those are in"  and "I didn't realize Kroger sold those."

It took me a minute but I finally deciphered it as: Mandarin Oranges.
Maybe next time I won't tell her to try and abbreviate.

I had to share so you could laugh as much as me.

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