Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Music To A Mother's Ears

I was very pleased when Kalisha was approved, last school year, to be a helper in a morning kindergarten class at a local Lutheran school. She has a staff person accompany her. The first few weeks were a little rocky, as she became accustomed to her duties. I think it was a learning experience for the teacher, also, as she had to figure out what exactly Kalisha could do.
She was required to wear slacks and a nice (no logos) shirt. At first, I thought that might be her undoing, but she complied and has never complained since the first week. Of course, we call the black pants and shirt, her 'uniform' because she has ONE short-sleeved shirt with no logo and ONE long-sleeved shirt with no logo. Maybe we could learn a thing or two from her about how many clothes we really need. They are always clean, so I'm pretty certain those little shavers don't remember what she wore last week.
During the summer, Kalisha volunteered at a local preschool/daycare. She really does  well with young children. At that age, they are still accepting and don't really notice 'differences.'
When she comes home, I ask, "So, how did it go today?"
 Her stock answer is: "It went great."
Usually, Kalisha is ready when her staff person picks her up and goes directly to the car.  But last week, I had an occasion to talk to her staff.
She asked, "Has Kalisha told you about her new responsibilities?"
"No, she hasn't. What are they?"
"The teacher allows her to take the children to recess and bring them back, by herself; she even gets the whistle. (Her staff is always close by) And, she takes them on their restroom break; allowing only so many in at a time and making sure they wash hands, etc. She also files papers and takes things to the office and makes copies."
I stood there with this grin spread across my face. "Kalisha, why didn't you tell me?"
She looked at me and shrugged, as though it was no big deal.

Recently, I received a letter from the preschool/daycare director. She complimented Kalisha; saying she did an outstanding job with the children. She wrote how she was always pleasant and smiling and the little ones loved her. She hopes she will come back next summer.
(At the preschool, she could wear jeans and her Colts shirts. YAY.)
None of those duties or accolades were a big deal to her, but it certainly made this Momma happy.

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