Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It has been 2 months since I wrote a post to this blog. I am making a concerted effort to post each week from now on. So many things have transpired in two months that I don't know where to start. If I repeat something I have already told you about, just forgive me and chalk it up to forgetfulness.
Kalisha was volunteering at our local animal shelter. She was to be a 'kitten socializer' and was really looking forward to it. She came home the first day and said she was really bored; there were only 2 kittens.( I'm not sure I could play with 2 kittens for an hour and a half.) I insisted she go back. The next week, she said the smell bothered her. (I have been at this animal shelter and it is the cleanest, brightest and nicest I have ever seen) Granted, Kalisha is bothered by some smells that I can't even detect, but I was sure she could overcome this. The next week, she complained again about being bored. I suggested she take her I-pod and listen to music while she played with the kittens. I did not add: unless it is against the rules.
Guess what? It was against the rules. She told them, "But my mom said I could listen to it." That didn't cut any ice. She was given the option of placing her I-pod in the office and playing with the kittens or keeping her I-pod and going home.
She chose the latter. Surprised? Not really. As much as she wanted the job and she did a terrific job at the 4 hour training, it wasn't all she thought it would be.
I had a nice conversation with the volunteer coordinator. She understood and told me Kalisha could come back in the future if she wanted to.
She continues to volunteer every Wed morning at a church food bank and her next quest was to be a volunteer at the zoo.
I will tell you about that next week.

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