Friday, January 13, 2012

You Are Driving Me Crazy!!!

There are days when Kalisha can drive me over the edge and today is one of them. I have retreated to my room to write and hibernate so I don't have to think about all of her idiocyncrasies that sometimes just get on my nerves....big time. It is no different than when typical children make you want to scream; and you need to remove yourself from the situation.
The thing is that she really isn't doing anything so horrible and she's not writing on the walls with a Sharpie or anything, but it must just be a bad day for both of us. It snowed here last night and it is very windy and bitterly cold. I thought it would be a good day to stay inside, but the minute her niece said she was going to get on the city bus to do an errand, Kalisha had to get on a bus, too. I suggested she put on her jeans because they would be warmer than the pants she was wearing. She agreed but DIDN'T CHANGE. Then I suggested she tuck her pant legs into the tops of her boots so they wouldn't be full of snow (it is pretty deep and her pant bottoms come to the ground). She didn't want to. I said something loving, like, "Fine, freeze your a** off, I don't care."
She has been talking about losing some weight for months. And she really does need to, for her health. We have discussed how hard it is and some of the alternatives to fast food. We talk about exercise and how you can't quit something totally; it is better to wean yourself off of sweets, soda, etc. slowly. Just think about one day at a time; not a 'long-range' goal. She eats fruits and vegetables and then has 2 cookies. I know we all do those things, but today, she went to the mall and came home with a Big Mac Meal Combo (evidently thought that if she was going to freeze some of her a** off as her mother told her, she should put some back on) Besides that, how warm do you think that sandwich and fries was after carrying it around for a half hour in zero wind chill temperatures????
 I knew she bought it just so I would say something about it, because I was already disgusted with her. I didn't say a word. Well, I guess I showed her, didn't I?
I think there is something in the air besides snow, because we are both pretty short-tempered today. but the plus side is: I really accomplish a lot when I'm angry! I can work up a storm, but maybe I should take a nap and wake up less cranky.  Don't bet on it.

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