Monday, August 1, 2011

The Colts Are Back!

Kalisha is a huge Indianapolis Colts fan, to say the least! I am not sure just when she morphed into an avid football fan, but like everything else, when she is interested, she goes all the way. All of her siblings have their favorite teams; Minnesota Vikings, Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers. Her brother-in-law is as crazy about the NY Jets as she is about the Colts and never fails to give her a hard time.

Growing up, she wasn't even interested in any football team, didn't watch the games or care, really. Somewhere along the line, we must have started watching the games on Sunday and she was hooked. At first, I thought it was just fun for her to cheer for her team, but soon I realized that she was commenting on the plays, identifying individual players, talking about downs and yardage and definitely knowing what was going on. Wow. I was very surprised and impressed.

Of course, she had to have Colts T-shirts, Colts purse, billfold, shoes, phone cover, hair bands and more. When we redecorated her room, she wanted it to be a Colts room. Her very favorite player is Joseph Addai. She has a FatHead (very large, life-size, figure to put on a wall) of Joseph Addai on her bedroom wall. We painted one wall Colts blue.

It definitely made gift buying easy....just buy anything that has Colts on it; clock, desk calendar, bedspread, rug, beach towel, etc. And you wondered how they could afford to pay their players those high salaries. Well, now you know!

A newspaper reporter came to interview her and take pictures of her room. The article was in the paper on Super Bowl Sunday of 2010.

Kalisha's birthday is February 6th and in 2010, the Colts were in the Super Bowl on February 7th, playing the New Orleans Saints. She was absolutely certain that the Colts would win and when they didn't, she stood up and with tears in her eyes, she declared, "I hate the Colts! Why couldn't they win it for me?!? It was my birthday!"  She recovered in a few minutes and was ready to cheer for them the next year.

She wears her Colts clothes every day of the football season and beyond. She wears them everywhere she goes. People get pretty used to seeing her in blue and white; her spring jacket, her winter coat and all shirts, sweats, etc.

This spring, she switched to Eeyore. She put her Colts purse, billfold and T-shirts in the closet and wore her Eeyore shirts, carried an Eeyore purse and billfold. Every day, when the paper came, she would read the sports section, looking for news of the agreement being signed.

One day last week, she came downstairs with a Colts shirt on, her Colts shoes, her Colts purse and hair bands. I looked at her and asked, "Is the lockout over?" Grinning, she said, "Yep, and I'm ready for some football!!"

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