Sunday, May 15, 2011

Going To The Prom

As I stated in the previous post, Kalisha many times, would lament the fact that she wasn't able to do the things that her peers were doing. She didn't talk about it incessantly, but she was definitely aware of the things she would miss.
When she was a sophomore in high school, it seemed that everyone was talking about going to the prom. All the girls were discussing the dresses they were buying and the boys they were going with and the flowers and dance, etc. Also, the school was being decorated, so it was pretty difficult to not think about the prom.
I was working at a church at that time and one of the young men who was in the youth group and was a senior at his high school, told Kalisha that when it was time for her to go to the prom, in her senior year, he would be happy to take her.
I knew this young man fairly well and knew he was sincere, but where would he be in two years and would he remember what he had told her? I certainly hoped so, because when it comes to things like that, Kalisha has a memory like an elephant!
In her junior year, she even stayed a few nights after school to help decorate the gym. They gave her some little tasks to do and she was excited because the next year, the gym would be decorated for her class and she would be going to the prom.
In the spring of her senior year, she reminded me that we had better find Drew, because he had to come to take her. Besides the fact that Drew was in college in another state and had a girlfriend, there were a few other concerns. Kalisha does NOT wear heels of any kind and really does not wear dresses and hates shopping for clothes! I knew this was going to be a challenge, but what's new?
I talked to the youth leader at church, got Drew's phone number at his dorm and with some trepidation and lots of prayers, I placed the call. As soon as I said, "Hi Drew, this is Gloria," he asked, "Is it time to go to the prom?" I nearly cried then and it makes me cry now to write about it.
Shopping was exciting! She didn't want any of the normal, glitzy prom dresses. She kept going to the "old ladies" sections, no matter how I tried to steer her to something fun. I forgot to mention that not only does she hate shopping and wearing dresses, she also resists trying anything on while in the store. I made all of her three sisters' prom dresses every year when they were in school and it was easier than this. After trying on several different styles, she found one that she liked and since it was long, she could wear flats and still look nice.
I believe that half of the excitement for Kalisha was in the fact that she could tell everyone that she was going to the prom; I'm not sure that she was excited about the actual going!
She bought the tickets, I paid for Drew's gas (he was a college student after all and a long way away.) Everything was arranged.
The day of the prom, one sister did her hair and another helped with a little make-up (another thing she's not wild about) and we all kept telling her what a good time she would have. "I can't dance!" she would say. I told her to just do whatever Drew was doing and she would be okay.
Drew showed up in a suit, with a corsage and ready for his date with my baby girl.
                                     He held the car door open for her and off they went.
This was not his former high school and he knew no one, but he was willing to keep a promise he made two years earlier. They went out to eat, danced a lot (I would have loved to see that) and had their picture taken, like everyone else.
I have thanked God many times for a young man named Drew, who made Kalisha's dream come true for one night.
I contacted Drew on Facebook about a year ago and told him again how much I appreciated him taking Kalisha to the prom those eight years ago. He responded with, "As I remember it, I was the one who was privileged to take Kalisha."
He is studying to be a pastor; I think he certainly has a servant's heart, don't you?

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