Wednesday, April 20, 2011

McDonald's Hiring Day

Yesterday was the McDonald's Hiring Day that we had been hearing about on the news and in the paper for a few weeks. Kalisha was determined to apply. I tried to dissuade her. Before you tell me that I should have been encouraging instead, let me tell you about her previous experience with working for McDonalds.
About five years ago, she was associated with a community service group. They had job coaches who were supposed to take clients to possible job sites, fill out an application and if the client was hired, there would be someone who would work alongside them for a period of time, until the client knew the job duties.
First of all, let me say that I answered a jillion questions and filled out enough papers to fill a recycling bin before she ever started on this search. I was never sure why I had to do that because I don't believe any one ever read them anyway. Some of the questions were about likes and dislikes. I stated that Kalisha is really bothered by extreme cold and doesn't do well with any kind of hot surfaces or liquids. So the first two places they took her to apply were in the frozen food section at Kroger and dropping french fries into the grease at McDonald's! I am laughing all over again as I am remembering this.
Since she refused to be around the hot grease, the job coach decided perhaps she could work the lobby. Okay, that might work.
She was so excited! Not only is McDonald's one of her favorite places to eat (and she would get a discount on her food...she thought she was in heaven) but she had a uniform, too. She really didn't care about the paycheck. She was more interested in telling people that she had a job.
The first day, I receive a phone call from an irate job coach. "Kalisha is refusing to clean the men's restroom! She won't even go in there and clean the urinal." My first thought was, "Yuck! Who wants to clean a urinal?"
I was pretty sure that Kalisha had probably never even seen a urinal, much less cleaned one.Then the job coach very smugly asked me, "Do you know that your daughter doesn't even know how to mop a floor?"

I was picturing the large mop buckets and mops that they have at businesses and knew that she didn't know how to do that. Besides, at that time, our entire house was carpeted. I guess I never thought that I should teach her how to mop. My question to the job coach was, "Isn't that your job? I thought you were supposed to train her how to do the job. Did you clean the first urinal to show her how to do it?"
Needlsee to say, that was the end of Kalisha's McDonald's career. I want you to know that the McDonald's manager was wonderful; it was the organization that was supposed to help special needs people that did a terrible job. Go figure! She did get a paycheck for about $8.00 but the saddest thing was that she had to turn in her uniform.

I gently reminded of her past experiences yesterday when she was insisting on applying. She told me she had 'matured' and could handle it now. (She still can't mop a floor) So I took her and dropped her off at the door. She had to wait for 3 hours to be interviewed. She was excited when she came home and promptly posted her experiences to her Facebook page.

Part of me really hopes that she doesn't get hired. She isn't able to have a job coach now and I don't know how she would learn what she needs to know. Situations like this, I put in God's hands, because I can't do anything about it. I won't worry about it until they call. Maybe I should have her mop something, just in case.

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