Thursday, June 15, 2017

3400 miles...14 Days


I know our trip has been over for a week or two but I still want to tell you about it and to let you know that Kalisha is a perfect road trip traveler. I was going to add "Only one...'I have to Pee'" into the title, but thought better of it.
The entire 14 days was an extraordinary experience. Our first HOTEL was the home of Dwight's brother, Keith and sister-in-law, Micki,  in NC. They had rooms all ready for us. They even rearranged rooms and put a Q sized bed in the room for Dwight and I. We used their home as our 'base' while visiting others in the area.
Micki is an outstanding cook and the breakfasts she prepared for us every day were scrumptious...think waffles, eggs and bacon, and all the other good things you can imagine. Thank you, keith, for having coffee made every morning, too.
She even prepared dessert and coffee one evening and invited some of her friends over because they read the Magnolia books and wanted to meet me. Talk about feeling like a celebrity...I was humbled by the experience.
We attended Dwight's great-niece's wedding and reception. It was outdoors and about 100 degrees but a beautiful ceremony. They did some things I had not seen before, but I recommend if you're planning a wedding. One of those was this: instead of having a 'reception line where you shake hands with people you've never seen before, the bride and groom greeted their guests at the end of the food line. It was perfect. There was time to say a few words but no hand-shaking was needed (your hands were full of food, anyway) and it moved quickly. Perfect.
We spent the next day with Dwight's son, Mike, and his wife, Deb. Their son was visiting for the weekend so we got to enjoy Nick's company also. Deb is another amazing cook.Wow. I think I gained 10 pounds because of these two women.
One more day before we left and it was spent with Dwight's sister, Ruth and her husband, Wayne, at their beautiful home.
I want to add this...all of these good people embraced Kalisha as one of their own. They made everything comfortable for her and accepted her on every level. Deb and Nick even played UNO with her. (She won the most games...HA)

Then we left for Houston, TX. When we arrived at HOTEL SHOCKLEY, it was perfect also. Emily, age 9, had a drawer for Kalisha's clothes and had made room in her closet for hanging things. She had a welcome note on Dwight's and my bed and even had chocolates placed on our pillows and on Kalisha's pillow.
The week went by way too quickly. The 'girls' had a manicure and pedicure

The only casualty was one of Dwight's sandals. The 2 pups that are awaiting adoption decided it was a chew toy. Kari warned us about letting anything lay where they could reach it.
Emily had a tea party for me,
we attended church, we went to a swim meet to watch both kids swim. Grandson Joseph  will be in the Olympics one day, I guarantee it.
We went to the Spring Concert of the choir and dance ministry that Emily is part of. It is comprised of homeschool children...probably about 100 of them of varying ages. From very young to graduating seniors. The numbers she was in were, of course, the best :).One was formal wear, one was a sailor number
and another was a cowgirl outfit.
It was truly an enjoyable evening. The last song was "God Bless America" followed by "God Bless Texas." Kalisha knows that song very well and I almost had to tie her in her seat to keep her from singing, clapping and stomping with the group.
 Kari is an excellent cook also, and Joseph gets a blue ribbon for grilling. you can see by the pictures, which are not necessarily in order, it was a lovely trip and over way too soon.

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