Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Adding a Little

I forgot to add a few things to yesterday's post so you are getting 2 in a row.

Several weeks ago, Kalisha was in line to pay at Walgreen's. She noticed the lady in front of her was paying with a card that had Disney Dalmations  on it. She immediately asked her a gazillion questions about it. The lady told her it was free and she could ask at her bank.
The next day, we were at our bank to do something. Kalisha went in before me and by the time I got inside, she was already in a little cubicle with a banker. I heard him say, "We will have to destroy your present card but you should receive your new one in the mail in a few days."
Number 2: She has a plastic cup from Parkview Field that she originally bought, filled with pop. She has not been drinking pop for several weeks but uses it at home for water. I heard her talking to someone on the phone about this cup and how the red design was wearing off. She wanted a new one. She was told she would have to buy it filled with pop. That's understandable...maybe when there is a game, right? Oh no. She wanted it now and of course, they told her if she came in, they would fill one for her and they did. The crazy thing??? There is NOTHING going on at Parkview Field today, so some sweet soul had to go to one of the concession stands and get her a pop.
I really don't know why we are voting for any of the candidates presented today. We should vote for Kalisha...she can persuade anyone to do almost anything.

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