Thursday, March 24, 2016

Please Tell Me You Didn't....

The events I am going to write about happened a week ago, but it has taken me that long to acclimate myself to what I already know --- the words, "What the hell...?" are going to be a part of my vocabulary until I die. (Insert a sigh of resignation here)

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend a ACFW luncheon in Indianapolis. My friend, Lynne, invited me and it was a great day. The speaker was informative and enjoyable, the food was good.
Kalisha was busy at home and my grandson was at a friend's house. All was well.
We were about halfway home when I received a text from Kalisha. 'Can we have Little Ceasar's pizza for supper? Text me back.'

My text to her was: 'Probably. We'll talk about it when I get there.'

Thirty minutes later, she calls me and before I can even say anything, I hear this: "I wanted Jacob's pizza but he wouldn't give me any. I begged and wouldn't leave him alone so he took my phone. I got mad and called Dad. He said that was stealing and told me to call 911. So I did and the police came."

Now is when you hear me say, "WHAT THE HELL?"
Those words applied to several things: The fact she called the police, the fact that her father told her to, and the fact that I am in no position to do anything about it at this point. I am in a car on I-69.
Deep breath...I knew exactly what happened and could visualize the entire scenario which didn't make the picture any prettier.
Kalsha gets hung up on food, especially if someone else has some that she loves; like pizza. Jacob had come home and was eating some of HIS leftover pizza from the night before and that was more than she could stand. I should say that he always shares a piece when he has a whole pizza, but this was only a few pieces. I didn't blame him for not sharing.
The next thing is that when she gets in that 'Kalisha mode' she can't always pull herself out and it escalates. I'm sure when he couldn't stand her hassling him about his pizza any longer, he took her phone. (That is her consequence when I am dealing with her, so he thought it would work for him, too)
That's when she called her dad. He probably could have talked her off the ledge if he had tried, but of course, he didn't. His solution was, "Call the police."
AND, of course, she did. Now, we have 3 people in this story. ONE of them is supposedly an adult. I'm going to stop right there, because my blood pressure is beginning to rise as I write this. Let's just say I was NOT a happy camper and 98% of my anger was going to be directed at the OLDEST one.
So, as I am traveling north, I asked, "Did they show up?"
"Yes, but I told them it was all a misunderstanding and everything was okay now and they left after they wrote down some information."
"Kalisha, go to your room and stay there until I get home. Understand?"
She was in her room when I came home. We discussed the entire scenario. Of course, by this time, she was rational again and even told me, "That was like crying wolf and if I ever really need the police, they might remember this time." I assured her they would respond the next time, but she did have the crying wolf idea right.
She wanted to know if I was going to call her dad and yell at him. I exercised a huge amount of self-control...I didn't call. (Are you proud of me?) I didn't think it would do any good. There is a FB cartoon that states, 'You can't fix stupid.'
I will just leave that there.

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