Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Berenstain Bears...Again

Kalisha is a reader..extraordinaire. She reads incessantly; every day, at various, pre-scheduled times of the day. Her schedule, not mine.
She vascillates between teen books and children's books. She rarely reads one 'stand-alone' book, but nearly always is reading a series of some kind.
I have told in previous posts how she will read 6 books at a time; reading a chapter in each one before moving on to the next one and always in the same sequence. Heaven help you if you knock her stack of 6 over and restack them in the incorrect order. She doesn't get angry; just gives you a look that says, 'I can't believe you just did that.'

A week ago, she decided to re-read all the Berenstain Bear books. First, she checked out all the library had. These were hardcover books.

Then she asked me to retrieve all her softcover ones from the box in the attic. Yikes.
There were 27 of them. I handed them to her and she immediately started reading them.
Did she read a few each day? Are you kidding? Noooooo. She read all 27 that evening.
Why? I have no idea. I asked but she said she needed to get them read. Do I care? No. Each one contains only approximately 700-800 words, but still 800 words times 27 books is over 21,000 words. That's half of a novel.
AND, she reads them aloud. In the morning, she asked, "Do I sound hoarse to you?"
Yes, but we have been here before.
If you are reading this post and feeling as though you have read the exact same thing before and wondering why I would write about it again, here is the reason: This blog is about living in an autistic world and that definitely includes doing the same things over and over.

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