Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Oh...the Power of Free Pancakes

Two weeks ago, it was very icy in our little corner of the world; (remember that fact) it was also National Pancake Day. In celebration of said day, I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast.
They were delicious and consumed by all 3 people who live here.
IHOP restaurant always advertises a free short stack of pancakes to any customer who comes in to their establishment on this momentous day.

Kalisha did not have to volunteer that day because it was icy enough that schools were either delayed or canceled. (Remember that pertinent fact, also)

She could not resist the thought of FREE pancakes and spent the morning trying to figure out how she was going to get some. I was not going.
She decided she would ride the bus to IHOP. I tried several avenues of discouragement: 1) you have a terrible time walking on slippery surfaces
                            2) you already had pancakes today
                            3) you don't have any extra "eating out" money to spend on the OJ, bacon, and other things you will order to go with the free pancakes

I wasn't getting anywhere; because now Kalisha was in "Kalisha Mode" and she was determined to get those pancakes. She assured me she wouldn't buy any extras with her pancakes and the bus  would drop her off right by the restaurant. I knew where that bus hut was and she would not have to cross the street. I finally acquiesced and said, "Fine, go." If you know me, you can probably hear those words being said.

She got dressed, boots and all and headed to the bus stop which is only a half block from our house. I watched as she maneuvered down the middle of the street because the sidewalks were too slippery. I can't even begin to tell you how far out of her comfort zone this was. She is sooooo afraid of ice; but that only exemplifies the fact she will tackle most things when she is on a mission OF HER CHOICE.

A few hours later, she walked in the front door with an IHOP carry-out bag in her hand, stating, "I got something for you, Mom." Ahhh, guilt kicked in somewhere along the line.

First, she told me she didn't order anything besides the free pancakes. Then she said she felt bad I didn't get to go out to eat, so she used her money to buy me something. Then she inadvertently mentioned how she had made a mistake and she really did have to cross Coldwater Rd, (4 lanes plus 2 turn lanes) to get back on the inbound bus.

That was when the proverbial crap hit the fan. I was furious with her and accused her of knowing that fact before she ever left home. In case you are new to this blog; Kalisha knows the bus system as well as the bus drivers do.

Here's the best part: The 'surprise' for me was a big fat cheeseburger and onion rings.
Guess what Kalisha's favorite meal is....yep, cheeseburger and onion rings.

Here's my theory on this day. She absolutely couldn't get 'unstuck' once she entered free pancake mode and was willing to risk life and limb to achieve that goal. And even hedge the truth a bit to placate me. Once she was there, the smell and thought of her favorite meal was overpowering so she ordered it to go. Some time between IHOP and home, she began to feel guilty about her choices so she gave the meal to me.

Later that evening, she said, "You know, Mom, I really didn't enjoy the pancakes because it's no fun to eat alone and have nobody to talk to. I wish you had been there."

Another day; another life lesson.

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