Friday, December 5, 2014

Elation to Deflation

Kalisha is a list maker. She not only makes lists of the things she wants, but she makes a list of the gifts she is purchasing for others. Her Christmas gift list includes her friends and relatives; she makes no differentiation based on who will be able to buy her one in return.

She had every name and gift written down with the price and where she would buy it. No discount stores for this girl; she wanted to be a 'real Christmas shopper' and go from place to place at the mall. Her budget was discussed with her BC and me. She was all set.

We started by having lunch at Coney Island (her choice, not necessarily mine) then to Apple Glen for a few small things, then to Glenbrook Mall. She hopped out of the car and was gone before I locked the car. This was her day and we know, it ALL had to be purchased on one day. I bought a cup of coffee, found a good "people watching' spot and waited for her.

She found me; her hands full of bags and the most elated look on her face. Her cheeks were rosy, she was smiling from ear to ear and was breathless. She could hardly wait to tell me about her purchases. She got everything on the list, including a $17 pillow for a friend who is never going to be able to spend even $1 on Kalisha. But that is okay; it was what the friend said she wanted. She bought a $25 Sears gift card for her dad and his wife.

It was fun seeing her so happy and I was smiling as much as she was. We went to the lockers so she could retrieve her coat. I said, "Turn around so I can take a picture."
I was so busy checking my phone to see if the picture turned out okay, I didn't notice the package on the ground. When we got home and were retrieving packages from the trunk, she asked, "Where is my Sears package?"

It was nowhere to be found. I drove back to the mall, she went to Sears and the mall office and left her name and number in case someone would turn it in. She was devastated; it nearly ruined the whole experience for her. I felt so bad for her; the disappointment was palpable.

She learned several things: Put small bags inside big bags so they don't slip out of your hands and always put receipts inside your purse instead of the bag. (If Sears had the receipt, they could have cancelled the card and issued a new one)
We discussed the positives: Perhaps the person who found it could really use it for a gift for a child or someone who needed it. AND it was $25 and not $50 or $100.

She has recovered and has everything already wrapped and under her little tree in her room.
She has moved on and accepted it for what it is. Perhaps we could learn a lesson from Kalisha.

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