Monday, September 29, 2014

The Secret to Younger-Looking Skin

Yesterday Kalisha and I were at an event; selling books and interacting with lots of people.
 Someone who purchased a book, made the comment to Kalisha, "You surely can't be 30 years old. You have such a young complexion."
I may have discovered Kalisha's secret and I, being the nice person I am, want to share it with you. NO cost for this information.

As you may know if you follow my FB page; it has been a month of 'cleaning, rearranging, getting rid of things' at our house.
There has been a garage sale, several trips to the donations box, give-aways, discards, and a lot of painting.

Amidst this re-do, I finally made it to the upstairs bathroom. I sorted all things in the linen closet and then tackled the vanity drawers and medicine chest shelves.
As I was 'pitching' things into the wastebasket, (who keeps old toothbrushes?) I found a jar of cleansing pads on Kalisha's shelf. I read the label and proceeded to ask her why those were on the shelf in her section of the medicine chest. I carried it into her room so she could see it.
"Oh those," she said. "That's what I clean my face with every night. Where did you want me to keep them?"
Now you know I was laughing so hard I had to sit down. "Kalisha, did you read the fine print on this jar?"
"No. But it says medicated pads, doesn't it?"
"Yes, it does, but it also says it is hemorrhoidal and vaginal wipes."
Her eyes opened pretty wide while she digested that information. Then she started laughing too.
"Oh takes make-up off really quick."
Yep, I bet it does; and obviously it keeps the wrinkles away at the same time.
Now you know. Aren't you happy I shared this information with you?

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