Monday, August 4, 2014

Keeping My Mouth Shut....close to impossible

I read a post on FB today that simply stated: "Some days my biggest accomplishment is keeping my mouth shut."
Since we are in the 'social media' age, for me some days, it is also an accomplishment to keep my fingers from typing the words I want to say. (They aren't nice, in case you were wondering.)
I'm much better at  'Let It Go' when it is on my page or in a string of comments on a friend's page, but I have a very hard time when the comments are directed at Kalisha. I have always been a Momma Bear kind of mother with all my kids, unless I thought they could handle it on their own, but I really have to bite my tongue or shut my fingers in a drawer to keep from pouncing on some people.
Possibly 6 months ago, Kalisha and a friend had an argument about something. I ignored it since it wasn't the first one they had. I could hear Kalisha's end of the phone conversations. I wasn't eavesdropping; she was setting right by me. Kalisha was holding her own until the other person's parent and 2 more friends jumped in. Well, that was all she wrote. I took the phone and didn't stop for breath until I had said all I thought needed to be said.  (no swear words..are you impressed?) Needless to say, that friendship has never totally recovered. Surprise, surprise.

Now...I have already posted about Kalisha and her putting too many posts' on FB. She loves FB and uses it as her morning (and afternoon and evening) newspaper. Occasionally, I insist she delete a post or two.

Last week, she thought she was going to the mall with someone. They cancelled, saying they had to work. THEN the same someone was making plans to go with another person. The only thing Kalisha commented, was, "I thought you had to work."
Wooeee. Several people (females, of course) jumped in with scathing remarks to Kalisha. These were people she didn't even know. I was reading the remarks and wishing I could reach through my monitor and slap the snot out of a couple of them.

I refrained, but my fingers were almost purple from pinching them in my desk drawer. I advised Kalisha to withdraw from the conversation for her own good and because it would have only been a matter of time before I took over. (I know me so well.)

We have a few new rules about posting. Once in the am, once in the afternoon and once at night.
I am very proud of her. She is doing an excellent job. Her mother, on the other hand, is still wishing she had jumped in and retaliated but I'm sure I will have another chance to exercise my willpower, in the future.

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