Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Rest of the "Tooth" Story

In the last post, I told you about Kalisha needing her wisdom teeth out and that she finally accomplished it. I want to tell you the rest of this saga.
Before her appointment, she watched hours of YouTube videos of people having their wisdom teeth removed. Then she watched just as many of them trying to talk, slurring their words and saying ridiculous things after surgery.
She wanted her nephew to accompany us to her appointment so he could video all of her silly words and garbled speech while she was still a bit 'out of it.'
She also talked to my friend (her friend, too) Marilyn, in the weeks preceding her app't. I believe all the information was more meaningful coming from someone other than Mom. Marilyn was very patient, answered all her questions and volunteered to accompany us to the appointment. She also took Kalisha out the night before for her "Last Supper" since she couldn't have anything to eat after midnight.
Marilyn picked us up (even Jacob, the videographer, who is definitely NOT a morning person). Kalisha didn't complain or say she wanted to go home. She watched the video, which of course, lists every possible thing that could go wrong. Yikes. Then it was time for everyone to leave the room. Oh, no, I didn't want to leave my baby there, knowing she was a bit apprehensive. But I kissed her and told her I would see her when she was done.
It didn't take long and she was in the recovery room. Now here's the funny part.....all of her planning and having Jacob there and watching all those videos was for naught. She did not say a word; not one. We asked her some questions just so she could say something we couldn't understand. Nope. Not a single sound.
She was a very good patient, doing everything she was supposed to do. Ice bags, mouth washes, pudding, jello, popsicles, mashed potatoes. This picture was taken the day after surgery.
As you can see, she is still a bit chipmunk-cheeked and looking a bit dazed, but pain pills do that to a person. She went back for a check-up on Wednesday. She asked if she could chew gum. The Dr told her she could go bungee cord jumping, sky-diving AND she could chew gum. She didn't say anything, but I know her thoughts were, "I only wanted to know if I could chew gum."
She is so happy it is all over and she never has to think about it again; the only regret being she has no video of her saying silly things. We tried, but there were no words to record.

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