Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kalisha's Party

Kalisha started to plan her 30th birthday party in November of 2013. She knew exactly what she wanted: Blue, the Indianapolis Colts' mascot and Johnny, the local minor league baseball team's mascot. She wanted to invite everyone she knew and had ever known......believe me, that is a whole lot of people.
We reserved the community room at our church for this event. She chose Feb. 9th because Feb. 2nd was the Super Bowl. Her actual birthday was Feb. 6th. She made all the arrangements herself. She called the Colts representative about Blue and the Tincaps about Johnny. Neither one could tell her anything that far in advance, so she called back every few weeks to check. I think the women answering the phone soon knew her name.
In January, we took a day and went shopping for cakes and decorations
and ordered the ice cream she wanted. (individual cups so no one would have to dip it out)
We discussed gifts and how difficult it would be for people to shop for her, since she is very particular about colors, sizes and the 'feel' of things. She made the decision to tell people to not bring anything for her but to choose one of 2 charities; A Hope Center, which provides for pregnant women and girls and the babies, or Animal Care and Control, our local animal shelter.
We decorated 2 separate boxes for these charities, she invited people on FaceBook, in our church bulletin and sent some invitations to the folks who wouldn't see either of the other notices.
The day came and the party was all she expected and MORE. Her first teacher from the preschool, her 4th grade teacher, relatives, friends, and professionals she has been associated with.This was only a fraction of the 100 + people.

The cakes turned out like she envisioned them; one baseball, one Indianapolis Colts. The Tincaps mascot came for 30 minutes, but Blue could not come. They did send her an entire box of wonderful Colts gifts. I think they felt like they knew her after talking to her so many times and felt bad he couldn't attend. (It saved her a lot of money)
The donations people brought were mind-boggling. So very generous. Both boxes were overflowing. The beautiful things filled the car of the person who delivered them.
The many items for the animals were appreciated, too.
Kalisha did receive a few gift cards and some cash for herself so it wasn't like she got nothing for herself.
It was a perfect day and we were both tired when we got home. I think she was very pleased with the entire outcome.

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