Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Harder Than I Thought

If you are a 'regular' reader of this blog, you probably already know I am in the throes of writing a book about Kalisha's first 30 years. She won't be 30 until February, 2014, but I'm counting it anyway.

I remember each detail with such clarity, it seems it would be a piece of cake to jot it all down and be done with it. Au contraire. At least for me, it hasn't been. I've actually been talking about writing it for the last 10 years, but never made much progress. I guess God thought I needed a few more experiences to write about, so now, I am doing this, in earnest. (Quickly, before God throws in a few more 'experiences.')

I have 3 people who have graciously agreed to read it for me. Not to edit; just to tell me if anyone would be interested in reading it and do they think it would help others?
The goal was, of course, to write material so other parents/guardians of special needs individuals would benefit from the knowledge I have gained; many times by doing it the hard way.

I realize there is so-o-o much more information available now than there was in the early 80s. You would think anything a parent would want to know could be 'Googled' and there wouldn't be a need for a book. Possibly true.  I think about that quite often as I write. I do believe, however, there are some thoughts, ideas, experiences which can only be learned or avoided by listening to someone who has been there. In the end, it will be what it will be. Either a book which can help or just a good read. I will let God decide that one.

I am writing about amazing things, humorous things, scary things and horrible things. I hope to have it done by the end of October. I laugh and cry as I remember some events. Quite often, I have to ask for Kalisha's input. Ex.: "Kalisha, what grade were you in when the girl got mad at you, kicked you and threw your glasses in the trash in the locker room?"  She has the answer immediately and the girl's name, too. (She is now a friend of Kalisha's on FB).

It is also difficult sometimes to pick and choose. No one wants to read about every little occurrence, but some are important to understand what it was like and some are just downright funny. Cut it out? Leave it in? Oy.
Anyway, I am plodding on. I have to hurry or I will be too old to remember what I'm doing or why. AND I won't have enough time to spend all the zillions of dollars I make from this book. Right...I will probably be able to spend it all in one trip to Mc Donald's. LOL

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