Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Do People Get the Wrong Idea?

This will be a short post (I think). I have been writing about Kalisha and me and our life circumstances for quite a while. In the last few months, I have had some comments that make me ponder a few things.

These weren't negative comments, per se, just uncomfortable ones. I got the feeling from a few people that they were either feeling very sorry for me or were totally misunderstanding the point of the posts.

I never enhance the actions, words or circumstances I write about. They are all very true and they happened just as I tell it; however, I don't want to leave my readers thinking that Kalisha is an awful brat. Granted, she is one occasionally, but she is also sweet, sensitive, humorous and forgiving. She truly has a prayer warrior's heart.
Perhaps I don't write enough good things or enough normal things and that's why some readers see only the difficult behaviors.

My purpose when I started this blog was to be a source of information and help for other special needs parents. I didn't, and still don't, think it would be very interesting if I wrote about the days when everything is wonderful. Although there are many like that, I somehow do not think you want to read: Today we had Raisin Bran for breakfast, then Kalisha read books while I cleaned. We ate lunch and went to the grocery, came home, fixed dinner, watched the news and went to bed.
Pretty boring stuff and of no use to anyone, in my opinion.

She recently told me, after someone didn't want her to go somewhere unless I went along, "They are afraid of me, aren't they?"  (Pretty perceptive, don't you think?)

I told her they were probably afraid of what she might do, I guess. Fear always stems from not enough information or a misunderstanding.

Kalisha said, "That hurts my feelings."

I acknowledged her hurt feelings, but I also knew the person making the statement only had knowledge of Kalisha from the things I write, either here or on FB.

So, my question is this: Do I continue as I have or do I try to include more 'boring' days? I love it when I can make people laugh or empathize with us or understand a little more about Kalisha and her autism but I feel bad if some people only see her as the sum of her behaviors.

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