Thursday, May 16, 2013

Oh, Please....

I am not having a very good day today, so in all reality, I probably should not be writing a post. I'm quite certain I will verbalize something I should keep in my head.
Perhaps it started with all of the 'flowery, sickeningly-sweet' Mother's Day sentiments expressed by Hallmark, on Facebook, in commercials, etc. Then I seem to be seeing an overload of posts and writings which stress how wonderful mothers of special needs individulals are; using adjectives like, understanding, sympathetic, long-suffering, encouraging, ad nauseum. I know there are mothers who fit all of those descriptions, but..
I am none of those things on a daily basis. Am I a good mother? Compared to whom?

I think my four typical children and Kalisha would attest to the fact that overall, I was/am a good parent, but I guarantee they can each give you examples of times and circumstances when I wasn't. They will laugh about them in retrospect, but most assuredly, they weren't laughing at the time.

I have also seen the posts by mothers who are overly, flowery in their expressions of thankfulness for their sweet, darling, damned-near-perfect, children. Don't misunderstand, I am very thankful for the 5 children I have, but there were definitely times when I would have put them by the side of the road with a BUY 1, GET I FREE sign around their necks.

I know some of you are ready to call CPS (child protective services) about now. Save yourself the time. I never abused my children in any way, but come on, no child is perfect and neither is any parent. The sooner we can all come to grips with that and forgive each other and ourselves, the sooner we can get on with life in the real world.

Sometimes I think parents of special needs children are put on such a high pedestal, they are afraid to say any thing negative about the kid. That is absurd. I get angry at Kalisha just like I did my other children, just for different things. There are times she embarasses me, infuriates me, wears my patience to a nub, worries me, ignores me, disobeys the rules...and just thoroughly pi---- me off. Occasionally she can do all of those in one day. LOL

Having said all of that, blah, blah, blah, below is the post Kalisha put on Facebook on Mother's Day. What can I say?

This is my mom Gloria doty. I love her very much. She is the best mom there is. I love to hangout with her. She is my best friend forever. I could not ask for a better mom then her. I love you very much mom. I like it when you stick up for You are always there when I need a hug. You are there when I am feeling sad. I love to watch tv with you. We have lots of laugh toghter. We have fun toghter. I love to talk to you. I love to stick up for you to. I love to go places with you. I am glad you are my mother. I am glad you gave birth to me. I am glad you love your Mother's Day gift. I am so glad you like. I know you would like it. I love to go to church with you on Sundays. I like to go out to eat with you after church on Sundays sometimes. I am glad we are roommates. You are so sweet and loving and caring. I love your hugs and kisses. Happy Mother's Day to you. And every Mother's Day to every mom out there. You make the best pies there is. You are the best pie maker there is.

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