Monday, May 27, 2013

Little House On The Prairie Marathon

Recently, I downgraded my cable package to the lowest one, which left us with considerably less channels. Kalisha was missing her reruns of many sitcoms until she discovered Hallmark and the fact that Little House On the Prairie was on every day.

She actually owns all 9 seasons of LHOTP on DVD. That is about $450 worth of Michael Landon (not a bad deal, in my opinion). She had not watched them for a very long time. When she wanted them last week, she could not find them. Oh my goodness! She could think of nothing else which means I could think of nothing else. I searched all the sealed boxes in the attic with her children's books, etc. I purposely labeled all of those boxes when I put them up there so I would know exactly what the contents were.

Now, of course, I opened all of them; just in case I had a brain fart when I put them up there and wrote the wrong thing on the outside of the box. Not likely, but desperate people do desperate things. No luck.

I racked my brain as to their location. The upside is that 2 closets got cleaned and organized. Finally, the lost was found. I truly wish I had a video of Kalisha when I handed the box to her. I don't know if I have ever seen her that excited. She giggled, squealed, jumped up and down, and nearly cried. That's probably how the woman in the bible story felt when she found her lost coins.
Now, the fun began. She started watching Series 1, disc 1, episode 1. She would not be persuaded to leave her room because she had to watch these DVDs.  First, she asked if she could take the DVD player to her sister's house on Memorial Day. Then she started pleading to not go to church on Sunday because we would be gone too long.

This was our Sunday plan: church, then eat at O'Charlies (I had a gift card), then go to a college graduation party for a young man she has known for a long time and likes a lot. Those are all things high on Kalisha's priority list.

I informed her I was not coming home once I left, so she could either go to all the activities or none. She chose to stay home. I attended church, took a friend with me to O'Charlies and had a great time at the party.

I questioned her about the need to watch the DVDs when she could watch the Hallmark Channel and the obsession to hurry and see them. She explained she needed to catch up to the ones on TV and since she was behind, every day they would get one more episode ahead of her. Did you get that?

I'll explain it further. The edisodes on TV were from Season 2. Kalisha was obsessed with seeing all of the episodes before or prior to, the ones she was watching on TV. That adds up like this: each season has 4 discs, each disc has 6 episodes, each episode is 46.5 minutes long. That is approximately 19 hours of watching - just in Season 1. I am thanking God, literally, the Hallmark Channel was only in Season 2, or I might not have seen Kalisha until the 4th of July.

She watched late last night and was watching when I got up this morning. She came down before lunch and announced, "Now I'm caught up." I asked her to explain to me what she is watching from now on, TV or DVD? She said she checks which episode is going to be on TV, then she watches that same episode on her DVD at the exact same time.

Don't even try to wrap your brain around it. Although I was pretty ticked at her for missing everything yesterday, I had to re-think it a bit when my friend said to me, "It must be a terrible burden to have to do something a certain way so much so that you are willing to give up important things to satisfy that obsession."

Okay, I pondered that for a while and felt bad knowing she just could not help it. She also sent me a text while I was at the party saying she had walked the dog, washed the dishes and hung her clothes up. She also wanted to know if we had used the entire amount on the O'Charleys gift card. :) Yep.

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