Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Last Chapter Of The Story

I don't believe I have ever written 2 posts for this blog in one day, but I will today.

Kalisha was scheduled to have her wisdom teeth removed this morning, but her appointment was cancelled. She was so excited because when she checked the website, it told her the engagment ring had been delivered to her boyfriend's house. She saw him on the bus this afternoon and then got off at his bus stop to go to his house.

She wasn't home at her usual time, but soon I heard her come in.
"Mom, can you come down here, please. Mike's mom is here."
I was thinking a million thoughts as I went down the stairs. I glanced at Kalisha's hand and saw she had the ring on, but I really didn't know what to expect.

His mother told me she didn't know anything about the ring and she said her son was definitely not marriage material. She told me he would never be married. She explained he was a hugger and a kisser and friendly to everyone. Kalisha explained that he called her his fiance and told everyone they were going to get married. His mother said he didn't even know what the word fiance meant. (I am not so certain of that, but it doesn't matter)

She was very kind and told Kalisha that she (Kalisha) was much too high functioning for her son. He wouldn't know what marriage or dating meant. That did explain a few things, like his reluctance to go to a movie or out for pizza, etc. We talked for a while and then she left.

Kalisha stood there and looked at the ring on her finger.
 "So, we can just be friends when I see him, Mom? No more holding hands or kissing, huh?" Then she started to cry a little.
We sat on the couch and talked and cried and hugged and laughed a little for a long time. She put the ring back in the box and said she would return it and get her money back.
She avoided the pain of having her teeth removed, but had her heart broken, instead.

 I don't think Kalisha is in any way ready for marriage, either. Several days ago, we discussed, at length, how she has been all excited about many things in the past: volunteering at the zoo, working at McDonald's, volunteering at the animal shelter, etc. but then after a while, she was ready to be done. It wasn't exciting any longer. I tried to make her see that once the excitement of all the preparations for marriage are over, it isn't always exciting any longer, either. I always knew it probably would never come to a marriage, but I thought it might make them both happy for a little longer and he was an individual who would not harm her, as some had.

I'm not certain if she is sad about the relationship being ended or if it is the loss of a dream that hurts her. She seldom cries, but it makes me cry for her. I think she was in love with the idea of being in love.

She has recovered, as she always does, and is talking about going to a group meeting of a social group of young people like her. She has resisted attending, but I think she may be ready now.

God always knows the end of the story, doesn't he? I have a poem/prayer given to me by an eighty-four year old lady. She said she prayed it every night before she met her husband. Kalisha said , "Find that prayer, Mom. I guess I will pray it, too."

A Maiden's Prayer
Dear wise and loving God above
Show me the man that I should love.
May he be good and kind and true
May he have faith and believe in you.
Grant him a smile for each tomorrow
May he have wisdom in joy and sorrow.
Let him have faults, dear Lord, you see
I don't want him too much better than me.
But may he be steady, firm and sure
that the hardships of life he may endure.
But this above all, dear God I ask
as I give unto you this task.
First, dear Lord, he must love you
And then may he find, he loves me too.


  1. Shamrockpatsy10:39 PM EST

    Ah, Gloria, I have tears in my eyes for Kalisha; but, at the same time, I'm glad Mike's Mom had the courage to face the issue, before Kalisha's life was really ruined..I know her heart will heal, w/ God's help, and her own motivation, and willingness to let God work in her life.....Kalisha, its been so many years since I've seen you, but I'm proud of you, and your loving Mom, who cares so very much for you. Pat Rubrake Heinbaugh

  2. doty784310:48 PM EST

    Thank you, Pat. Yes, she will heal quickly. She will talk about it, pray about it and go on.

  3. Anonymous10:32 AM EST

    This makes me sad for her, not because she won't be married, but that her dream has been taken away again.
    Love ya Kalisha Bear

  4. Ann Marie2:16 AM EST

    Well...you and Kalisha seem to be holding up well after this. I am a little sad. I guess this was another good learning experience for her. I really hope that Kalisha will find the perfect mate someday. I do think that he needs to be as high-functioning as she is...maybe even a bit more. But I do believe that she has the right to experience real love and possibly marriage, if the right man came along. Of course, I would leave it in God's hands to find the right husband for her. Only He knows her life from beginning to end.

    Now...lol...if you can only get Kalisha to be patient and not fall in love so quickly! Ha...easier said than done, I bet! :-)



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