Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Continuing Love Story

I promised I would let you know more about Kalisha and her boyfriend as the story unfolded. Well, it is unfolding pretty quickly and I don't think I can fold it back together...sort of like trying to re-fold a dress pattern or a road map. ( I know, I know, with GPS, who uses a map, right?)
My last post about this was telling you how upset she was that he didn't buy her roses and a card like a boyfriend is supposed to do for Valentine's day. We progressed from that to the her coming home and telling me they are getting married in October of 2014. Okay, at least it's not next week.

Then she waited every day for him to give her his home phone number and every day, she would come home disappointed when he didn't have it for her.

Well, you know Kalisha. She just went to and found that number and promptly called him. He said he was busy and couldn't talk.

I talked to her about the fact that he might be a person who wants to keep his personal life private and just have her in his life every day on the bus.

"But he wants to marry me and he tells everyone I'm his fiance so he will have to tell his mom sometime, won't he?"

"Well, yes, I think he will have to tell her before the wedding."

She walked to his house to introduce herself to his mom, but no one was home.
When she told this to a person who is supposed to be her friend, this person told her his mom would get a restraining order against her, etc. etc.   Great friend, huh?

I was becoming a bit upset with everyone she told about her boyfriend; her friend, her nieces, nephew, etc. They were all treating it as though she was dreaming. A lot of 'yeah, yeah, whatever.' I refused to rain on her parade. She has the right to be excited about this whether it works out or not.

Okay, back to the story. We had a long talk about relationships and how you have to be friends before you can be married, etc. She got out her notebook and wrote down all of the things she was going to tell him and ask him the next day on the bus. She was going to tell him that he  absolutely had to tell his mom about her. She wanted to meet her and she wanted him to meet me.

I guess he listened because the next day as I was pulling into my driveway, Kalisha and her boyfriend and his mother were walking in my front door. Holy cow! I pulled up my big girl panties and acted as though it was every day that I was meeting my future son-in-law and his mother.

We had a delightful visit for a few hours. When they were leaving, he kissed Kalisha good-bye and said he loved her and his mother didn't drop dead on my living room floor, so maybe it is okay with her. I did suggest that the two of us need to have coffee and talk about these two lovebirds.

NOW we have moved on to buying an engagement will have to read the next post for that bit of fun, ok?  This is like a weekly tv show; stay tuned.


  1. momamiller12:04 PM EST

    I enjoy following your blog and seeing both you and Kalisha on facebook. Just want you to know that I pray for you and for Kalisha, and am praying about her relationship. God knows her heart and loves her so dearly. And you, Gloria - I know you have learned to trust Him with your life and hers. He will not disappoint. Love and hugs, Lori

  2. doty784312:58 PM EST

    I am so glad you are following this recent drama but I am even happier and grateful that you are praying about it. Thank you again and please keep this entire matter in your prayers. God knows exactly how it will turn out.

  3. Gloria, I've been reading both of your blogs over the last few days and when I come to one that is particularly interesting and/or funny, I go find Jim and read it to him. We both really got a kick out of the blind girl ... in a wheelchair ... at Disney on Ice. It is obvious that you have taken Kalisha's limitations and dealt with them with wisdom and humor. What a blessing to Kalisha that she has a Mom who is her best friend.

    I just read him the one about not accepting an invitation to a power struggle. He said (and he is NOT someone who compliments easily) that he thought you were really a great writer. I really look forward to your book.



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