Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Say It Like It Is

Kalisha loves to talk to people. This is somewhat unusual for someone with autism, but she was raised in a family where no one had ever met a stranger. I am happy that she has mastered this social skill....for the most part.

She doesn't always think before speaking. I realize that many typical people have the same problem, but she can inadvertently say some things that she probably shouldn't. We have a term we use when anyone is saying something that definitely should not be repeated; a surprise of some sort or something that would hurt someone's feelings or something that is simply no one's business, such as financial things.

We call it a "Las Vegas" conversation. She totally understands that terminology and I never worry about her breaking the trust. Occasionally, she will ask, "So, is this a Las Vegas conversation?"

Sometimes, however, she just starts talking about something to someone and even if I try to head her off, it doesn't always work. Yesterday, was an example of what I mean. We were at the checkout counter of a small store. There was no one else in line; just us and the 2 people working at the checkout.

Credit: sunnyd_57 (cc)
Kalisha spotted a magazine with a picture of Tim McGraw on the cover. She knows I really like Tim McGraw and she loves to tease me about that.

"You better buy it, Mom."
"No, it's okay. I don't need it."
"Yes, you do. I bet there's a bigger picture inside."

Now, the checkout girl is getting in on it. She opens it up to the whole layout. Some really nice pictures, I must say.

"Look Mom. A bunch of pages and pictures."

The man at the other register makes a comment about Tim getting his life together when he quit drinking. Kalisha says, "He used to drink? I didn't know that. Did you know that, Mom?"

Then she tells them, "My mom just loves Tim McGraw. If he wasn't married to Faith Hill, my mom would like to marry him."

They are all talking about me as if I am not standing there and I can't seem to get a word in anywhere.

Finally, I interrupt this jolly conversation, "I think I am definitely too old for him, Kalisha, but I do like listening to him and he isn't hard to look at either."

As we leave the store (without the magazine) she is still talking about Mr. McGraw and how she knows what she is getting me for my birthday. I sure do hope it is just the magazine and not the real thing. With her powers of persuasion, she might be able to pull it off.

I suppose I had better make sure I am dressed and have my hair combed each morning from now until the end of February, just in case. LOL

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