Monday, January 28, 2013

Don't Misunderstand

I truly love getting comments, positive or negative, because it validates the fact that someone is reading what I write about Kalisha and our activities. I started this blog to be of some help to parents of children diagnosed with autism, no matter what age they were. Even if they are young children, they will eventually be adults with autism.

Of course, every child is different and has different ways of dealing with situations, but there are some similarities. If the things I write about can inform and perhaps, warn about some areas, it will accomplish what I set out to do. There are always those parents who read about Kalisha and say, "My child will never do that." Perhaps not, but one never knows.

I recently received a comment from a person I only know on FB. She had read one of the posts about a particularly trying day at our house. She was feeling very sorry for me, giving me all kinds of credit for my patience and worrying about how I could deal with problems on a daily basis.

Her comment gave me pause. I replied that I didn't always have patience and Kalisha was a great girl and my best friend. We have a lot of fun together. I don't want to paint Kalisha as being a big pain and me as a martyr of some sort. That is not what our life is like. If someone only reads a few of my posts, I can understand how they might get that idea, but if they read more of them, they will see the whole picture, I hope.

I can't imagine this blog accomplishing much if I write that she got up, had oatmeal for breakfast, watched television, took a nap, read her books, ate dinner and went to bed. There are days like that, of course, but if you have a child with autism, I would hope you would learn a lot more when you read about her stubbornness, her tenacity, her laziness, and a few other behavioral quirks. OR, you can read about how I only get it right-occasionally.

She will soon be 29 and I am still learning every day, but thank the Lord, with His help, I do get it right-occasionally.

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