Friday, December 28, 2012

Indianapolis Colts Pillow Pet

I could hardly type those 4 words as the title of this post because I have heard them so many times in the last 2 days, I even dreamed about them.

Photo of Kalisha's Colts Pillow Pet from "Getting It Right Occasionally"

This saga started on Christmas day. Kalisha was happy with her gifts, although even after all these years, I still never quite get used to the lack of much emotion. She opens a gift, says thank you and lays it aside. Then she opens the next one, says thank you and lays it on the stack. 'Hope springs eternal in the human breast' is a quote I like to use. I am always hoping one day she will open something and be ecstatic. I know that is definitely not in the autistic person's nature, but one can always hope. This year she really wanted a Colts shirt with # 12 and LUCK on the back. Obviously, so did everyone else. It took a lot of searching, but with God's help (literally) I found one on the 24th, and it was her size. Yesssssss!

I could hardly wait for her to open it. She did, smiled and said thank you. No, no, no! I wanted to say, "You are supposed to be jumping up and down and screaming and running off to your room to try it on." Why do I expect that when I know it will never happen? I did ask her to try it on and she said she would before she went to bed. Arrrrrghhhh! When I expressed my disappointment, which of course, I had to do, she immediately put it on. I am such a pain, I know.

Okay, now to the rest of the story....a friend of hers who is also a Colts fan, sent a picture to Kalisha's iPhone of a Colts pillow pet she had received for Christmas. Naturally, Kalisha wanted one just like it. I tried to dissuade her by convincing her it was pretty ugly (which it is, sort of) but she wasn't buying that. Nothing was open on Christmas day, so she spent a few hours writing in her notebook.

Wednesday afternoon I was trying to take a nap and since she was using the landline, she was in the living room. Twenty-three times (because she was cut off twice) I heard her say, "Yes, do you have an Indianapolis Colts pillow pet? No, a pillow pet. Indianapolis Colts. C-O-L-T-S, you know, like the football team?" "Okay, I will hold." When they transferred her to the correct department, she would start over, "Yes, do you have an Indianapolis Colts pillow pet? In-di-an-a-po-lis. Football. Okay, how much is it?"

I never did get a nap, because even when she found one, she continued calling because someone else might have one on sale. (The stupid things were $29.95...are you kidding me?) Some stores were out, some didn't carry them, some only had one, and the Meijer's at Maysville had theirs on sale for $17.00. Woo-hoo, but that is too far to drive, she decided. She knew that was what I was going to say.

Kalisha is a tenacious person. She never stopped dialing until she had called all 21 stores on her list. We had to go North this morning anyway, so I told her we would stop at the Lima Rd. Meijer's. They had one left and it had been marked down to $17 also. It was full price yesterday when she was calling, so I know God had them mark it down before we got there so I wouldn't have to listen to her call all 21 stores again to see if anyone else put it on sale. She was willing to return a pair of jeans so she could purchase him. It was a good thing she wanted to return the jeans and not the LUCK t-shirt or that might have been a mountain I would have had to climb. he's not so ugly. Obviously he came home with her and now resides in her Colts Museum, also known as her bedroom.

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