Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Really Poopy Weekend

There will be no pictures with this post...but I am certain that you can use your imagination. It really doesn't even have anything to do with Kalisha, except for the fact that it all started with me doing a favor for one of her friends.
I will rename the friends, for obvious reasons. Friend #1, Jane, asked if I could take her and friend #2, Alice, to pick up the car of one of their friends. This friend had been ill and couldn't drive his car home after having it repaired. I agreed to do it.
When I arrived to pick up Jane and Alice, I was surprised to see the owner of the car come out of the house, too. Then I saw Alice with a blanket over her arm, saying, "I'm really sorry, really sorry." (This wasn't a good sign!) Sorry for what, I wondered. Then she motioned toward the man who owned the car we were picking up and said that he had just messed his pants, but there wasn't time to change them as the repair shop was going to close if we didn't hurry, but she had the blanket and she would have him set on that.
I almost messed my pants just thinking about what she had just said!
We all got into my car and I set a land speed record getting to the repair shop, which, of course was on the other side of town. After they all got out, I returned home; driving with all four windows down, even though it was only 34 degrees outside.
When I got home, I took the dog out to do his duty. I always wear my slip-on boots that have slick soles to take him out and I always pick up all doo-doo. I was in a hurry, didn't change my shoes and of course, found the one pile that evidently didn't get picked up. Yep, poop in every crevice of the soles of my good shoes. My sense of humor was diminishing quickly.
I changed  clothes and shoes and left to have my hair cut. When I arrived, there was only one empty chair in the waiting area. I brushed what looked like graham cracker crumbs off the chair before I sat down, but the "crumbs" smeared instead of brushing off. I couldn't believe it! Surely not!! I tentatively smelled my hand and sure enough, it was POOP!
I have no idea how it got this point, I didn't care how it got there. I asked the manager for a wet towel for my hand and told her there was poop on the chair.
After I had my hair cut, I went home, hoping against hope that I could have a normal evening, because I had been involved with entirely too much poop for one day.
What do you suppose God was trying to tell me??????

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