Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Getting a Little Exercise

To say that Kalisha could easily become a champion coach potato would be an understatement. She isn't just naturally motivated to exercise (who is????) or walk the dog or do zumba or anything else. If you combine a fair amount of laziness with a larger amount of difficulty in doing physical activities, you have a recipe for setting on the floor, reading or on the couch napping.
She and I do not have a great track record for structured physical activity. Since she learns a lot by example, I will be the first to admit that I have set a horrible example. I am moving and busy all the time, but not in a "program" kind of way.
Several years ago, we each joined Curves for a year. We went 3 times. Is that pathetic or what? Then a year or so later, we both joined the YMCA. Same scenario....we went maybe 5 times. IN A YEAR!! Okay, we finally got a little smarter and decided we just couldn't afford to throw any more money down the drain.
Kalisha really wants a Wii. She is certain that she will do all of the exercise programs. I think it will be just like the other endeavors; however, she did faithfully do the Richard Simmons tapes. We have 4 of  his VHS tapes and she loved them. I had her move down to the basement because I was afraid she might go through the living room floor.

Before we jump into the Wii, I thought she should try it. Her recreational therapist brought her Wii over and they danced in the living room.
She was movin' and groovin' and I was cracking up. Not because she didn't do it right, just because I was amazed that she was really doing the right moves at the right time. I tried it and you will notice that there are no pictures of me posted on here!
Kalisha's sister has some zumba tapes, so we went to her house and tried one of those, because we had talked about going to some of those classes. (We haven't learned much yet, evidently) To say the least, Kalishe wasn't impressed with zumba. I think there are too many different movements going on at one time and she can't keep up even with the slower ones.
Kalisha actually walks a lot. She thinks nothing of walking to a friend's house, 10 blocks away and she does go to the mall nearly every day and walks around. She also walks her dog once a day, but none of these activities get her heart racing. She saunters around the mall and you can't walk the dog fast, because he has to stop every 5 seconds to pee, poop, or smell every leaf, worm and branch he comes across.
We discussed getting a Wii for Christmas for each other. We would each pay half and that would be our one and only present to each other. It would definitely stretch both of our budgets, but I am very concerned about Kalisha's lack of "sweating" activity.
I am open to suggestions, so if you have any good ideas, please leave a comment and let me know.

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