Friday, July 1, 2011

What Was That Word?

Kalisha has, and always has had, a huge vocabulary. Sometimes, though, she gets words mixed up. Not like dyslexia, but if she doesn't know the meaning of a word or phrase, she might still use it in a sentence; just not in the correct way. This can lead to some embarassing conversations or occasionally, offends people if she has just used a word or description incorrectly. I was recently contacted by the media team that films the "Aha! Moments" for television, sponsored by Mutual of Omaha. The representative had read this blog and felt that I would have an Aha! moment. Kalisha keeps telling people that I am going to film a "Ha-Ha Moment" . I explained about the term Aha! and what that was, but she continues to call it a Ha-Ha moment. You know, she is pretty perceptive, so perhaps my Aha! will turn out to be a HA-HA.

The best example I have happened when she was in the third grade and we were in the car. Out of the blue, she asked, "Mom, what's a condom?"
 I did very well, I didn't drive off the road or anything and asked (just to be sure I had heard her correctly) "What did you say?"
She repeated it exactly as she had said it the first time. 
Stalling for a little time, I asked, "Where did you hear that word?"
"Stacy said it today."
I'm thinking that I wonder if Stacy's mom knows she is discussing condoms? I wrestled with how to answer her question and just how much 'previous information' I had given her so that I could even give a rudimentary explanation. I took a deep breath and went forward. Kalisha seemed to be looking more and more perplexed, the longer I talked.
Finally, when I finished with my not too graphic of an explanation, I asked, "What exactly did Stacy say about condoms?"
"Well, she said something about her grandma and grandpa live in one in Florida."

Oh, my goodness! Then I explained what a condominium was, while hoping that she might forget the image I had just given her of someone living in 'one of those'
I have never again explained a word before I got all the information. You will understand why this post has no can form your own.:)

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