Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Get 'er Done

I have always thought that perhaps Kalisha had a little testosterone in her make-up, because like most males (in my experience) she doesn't always want to hear 'the rest of the story' or think about it for a minute; she just bulldozes ahead and wants to get it fixed or 'get 'er done'!
This philosophy does not necessarily apply to her chores, of course, although, when it is garbage day and she has to empty all of the wastebaskets, you would think the garbage truck was coming down the street. She is flying around, upstairs, downstairs, everywhere there is a wastebasket; and don't get in her way, because you will get mowed down. She is on a mission.
She really doesn't care about empty waste cans, but if she has to do it, then she wants to do it and be done with it....NOW!
When she has a problem with her phone or I-Pod or computer, she is calling immediately to tech support or she is getting on a bus to go to Best Buy or the mall to find a solution. Many times I am not even aware of the 'problem' (not that I could probably solve it, anyway), before she is off and running.

Last week, she came home from the library on the city bus. I was upstairs but I heard her talking on the phone. She was asking about some video and when would it be available and how much would it cost, etc. When she hung up, I asked what she was talking about. Apparently, due to the excessive heat and the bus rides being free that day, there was a reporter from a television station on the bus. She was interviewing passengers and of course, Kalisha asked to be interviewed. She immediately called the station, was transferred to the right department and was pleading for a copy of that video.
The technician said he hadn't even seen the tape yet, but she could call back after she knew if she was on it or not.
I tried to lessen her disappointment if she wasn't on the news by telling her about editing and time frames, etc. I should have saved my breath because of course, she was on the 10: 00 evening news. She was the first one in the segment.
Several years ago, Kalisha and her niece got into a shouting match outside by the alley. Her niece grabbed her purse and was swinging it around. Kalisha's long string of keys (keys, Disney characters, what-not) flew out of the purse and went down the catch basin.
 I was not aware of any of this until I answered the door and found a strange man standing there. I read the tag on his shirt, then on the side of his truck. XYZ Sewer and Pipe Company.
I must have had a questioning look on my face, because he said that someone had called about keys in a sewer and given this address. All I could see were $$$$. Even if I told him it was a mistake, he would charge for a service call. I explained what had happened and he started to laugh. (God loves me so much) He said he wouldn't charge and even took his light and got down on his belly to look in the drain; to no avail. They had already made their journey down the big pipe.
When Kalisha came home, I asked about the 'sewer man' She explained that if her keys went down the sewer, she just looked up sewer in the phone book and called the first company and told them to please come and get her keys.( It really is not a sewer, it is a catch basin for the rain water.)
When it comes to solving problems, she just shoots from the hip. Days like that make me older, faster.

In all fairness to Kalisha, I feel it necessary to tell you that it COULD be possible that she inherited a little of that 'get 'er done' attitude from her mother. We have a half bath in our basement. It is pretty small, with a homemade wooden door on it. The previous owners had the door made to look like a 'western' door, I guess and it was custom made for the size of the opening. Several months ago, I found the door locked and no amount of 'jiggling' the knob helped. I am pretty handy with tools, so I checked the knob for the screws that fasten it to the door. I would just remove the knob, right? No, this was a security knob, like in an office. What did the previous owners think someone was going to steal out of that bathroom--- toilet paper??
I couldn't get the hinges off either, because they had been built into the frame. I called my handyman friend and he said he could come the next morning.
You know, I just couldn't stand the thought of that door getting the best of me. Even though he was coming in the morning AND there was no animal or human trapped in there, I was going to get that door opened!
I got my trusty electric saw and promptly cut a hole big enough to get my hand in and unlock the knob.
The joke was on me because the knob wasn't locked, it was broken and I still had to wait until the next day. I wish I had a picture of Tom Hegge's face when he came and saw the splintered hole in the door! If he thought I was a little crazy before, he was sure of it now.
I will fix the hole some day; right now, it just gives me a good laugh every time I look at it.


  1. It seems there's never a dull day at your house:)

  2. My Dear Friend Gloria..Ya think you have heard the best story and then there are more. Keep them coming. Kathy



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