Sunday, June 12, 2011

Good Nurse Kalisha

Kalisha met with her behavioral consultant on Monday morning, a few hours before we left for the hospital. She told me that her BC told her she would have to be my "Rock" before, during and after the surgery. Kalisha took that to heart; perhaps it was a term that she could envision and understand.
She and her sister waited while they prepped me and then she came back to the room with me. (her sister had to leave, so she could return before surgery was over)
 As I said in a previous post, this was all new territory for Kalisha. She had never seen me really sick and definitely not in a hospital situation.
She kept reminding me that we were starting on an 'adventure' and that she was my Rock. I noticed that she also kept checking her watch. It was 1:45 and she usually eats lunch by 11:30. My Rock was getting hungry.
I gave her permission to leave and have lunch, assuring her that I would be fine. She refused, saying that she would wait until they took me to the OR.
When my orthopedic surgeon came in to talk to me for a minute, Kalisha shook hands with him and then, instead of asking some medical question, she called him back and said, "Oh, Dr. _________, do you know how late the cafeteria is open?"
I almost rolled off the gurney, laughing. I thought that was probably the first time he had ever been asked that question by a relative.
Obviously, I survived the surgery. Kalisha has been great! More attentive than I ever thought she would be. She came with me for the first 2 days after I was released and stayed at my daughter and son-in-law's house. Then we came home. She keeps the ice bags filled, she keeps my water bottle filled, she brings the laptop, my walker, my cane, what ever I ask. She did 3 loads of laundry today and brought all of it upstairs to be put away.
She sat in the bathroom with me while I took my first shower at home. She has been making me meals. The most important thing she is doing, besides praying, is keeping a very accurate --to the minute---list of every time I take my 2 meds. When I forget exactly what time I took my last pain pill, she whips out her notebook and gives me the time.
I would have guessed that it might have gotten old by now or since her worry about me is lessened, she would slack off, but she has not. I think she likes being able to do things for me and I am thanking her every day.
She sent me a text message and signed it 'Your Rock'
This has been an adventure and she really has been and continues to be my Rock.

Long scar, huh?


  1. Anonymous7:17 AM EDT

    Yea Kalisha! And glad to hear your recovery is progressing nicely. - Tiffany

  2. Anonymous9:05 AM EDT

    She has always had "someone" give her such great care, so, of course she would only know to care for someone this well.

    Good job Rock!

  3. Anonymous11:49 PM EDT

    You are the best Kalisha. Kathy

  4. Wow! Kalisha did a wonderful job in helping you.

  5. What a great help, Kalisha was! I had both my knees done the November before you had yours done. I hope yours went as well as mine. I am very happy with the results.

    Please tell Kalisha she saved you alot of money -- because I went to a Rehab Center for 10 days so that other people could do all the things for me that she did for you!! Well, except the laundry. Jim did learn how to do laundry in preparation for me being gone, so he faithfully came and got my laundry every day and brought it back when he visited the next day. Funny though, once I was better, he totally forgot how to do laundry! I bet Kalisha wouldn't have done that. : )



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