Sunday, April 17, 2011

watching movies

Kalisha has been on a movie kick lately. She checks out at least 6 movies at a time from the library. This always scares me just a little, because in the past, she has had to pay some hefty fines on late library books, but movies have to be returned in 3 days and the fines per day are huge.
She hasn't had any movie fines yet. YEA!!
When she watches a movie, she  has to write down the title of each scene, then she crosses each one off the list when that scene is over. Her printing is large and messy, so this is what her page looks like as she watches. Looks like way too much work to me, but she can't watch a movie unless she does this.
(Obviously, she can't do it at a theater)
She bought a used DVD at a movie store, but when she got it home, it was missing the paper with the list of scenes. There was NO REST until I took her back to return it. They wouldn't refund her money because it was a used DVD, so the next week, she bought a NEW one, so she could have the list of scenes.
Small things like that drive me crazy some times, but they are very important to Kalisha.

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